Ganga Jamuna by Sunita Lad Bhamray – Review

Title –  Ganga Jamuna
Author – Sunita Lad Bhamray
Genre – Inspirational Fiction
Length – 150 Pages
Publication – 2016
My Rating – 4/5 Stars


Ganga Jamuna is the tale of Abani, an enchanting woman from Nepal. Blessed with remarkable tenacity, Abani tries to tackle every predicament with a silent resolve. When she is faced with a medical situation that seems insurmountable, Singapore, the hallmark of modern medicine, comes to the rescue, and she finds herself travelling across borders seeking solutions. This journey proves to be a fulfilling experience and a turning point in more ways than one, as she discovers new allies in strangers. Just when everything seems to be finally going right, another bout of misfortune strikes. Holding onto mere filaments of hope, Abani chances upon answers in the elements of nature, which enable her to carry on and make her stronger than before. About the author Sunita Lad Bhamray is an author and educator based in Singapore. After a long rewarding career in teaching, she now enjoys her time devoted to writing. Ganga Jamuna is Sunita’s third book. Her first book, Triumphs on the Turf, was about horse racing in India. It was followed by Grandma Lim’s Persimmons, a storybook for children.


I jumped at the chance to read this book as soon as I learned the subject matter of the story..Twins. Conjoined twins no less. I feel very blessed that my own twins girls had what is classed the perfect birth with no issues so when I learned a little about this story I just had to read it. I couldn’t imagine the stress the situation would have put Abani under.

The book starts off slowly with very plain speaking informative chapters. It’s Abani’s early she meets a local boy.. they grow up and become closer one night.. and that night changed everything.

Abani takes the twins on as a single mother, the father having no knowledge of girls birth but she has an amazing group of people watching over her.

When the chance to separate the twins arrives it’s a tough decision but in the end she must do what’s best for the girls and in this case it means travelling from Nepal to Singapore to get the care they need.

It’s an emotional ride with a lot of low moments but overall the story is very inspirational to me.. Abani never gave up..she battled on throughout what would have been a very trying time.

The writing is short and messing around..straight to the point. Once I got used to the style I loved it..the story flowed so well from chapter to chapter and this no-nonsense approach meant I really took in what the author was saying.

If you are looking for a happy tale this isn’t it..this is a good book but a hard story to read, it hits you in the isn’t fair..but you must never lose hope!

My thanks to go Rachel at Authoright for providing a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review

To find out more head to Kitaab, or Goodreads.

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