Driven to Kill (The Killing Game Book 1) by Eugenio Salvato – Review


Title: Driven To Kill (The Killing Game #1)
Author: Eugenio Salvato
Genre: Mystery/Thriller
Length: 495 Pages (Kindle)
Publication: March 2014
My Rating: 3/5 Stars


Jake Knight is a detective with an uneventful career. Baxter Black is a vigilante with a mission who cannot be stopped. Until Jake locks him up for life.
Lillian is heartbroken when her daughter Clara is diagnosed with cancer that cannot be cured. Her only hope lies in a new wonder drug that’s being used as a treatment for cancer. But the trial was set up long ago and the drug won’t be released for another two years; too late to save Clara’s life. Grace, Lillian’s older daughter, has access to the drug and comes up with a plan to steal some for her sister. She has no idea how far reaching the consequences will be.
Jake Knight is assigned a new partner, a rookie named Dayna Colton. Dayna may be their only shot at getting inside Baxter’s head to stop a new killing spree that must be connected. But is everything really as it seems?


I had read Gino’s previous novel so i was looking forward to his next piece of work even though they are on different subjects.

This book is quick flowing, lots of conversations and action shifting from one scene to another. I was drawn into so much that I couldn’t put the book down and managed to finish it within a day. As the book went on i found myself wanting to keep reading so i could find out what would happen next

The only comment i would make is that the dialog was a little hard to follow at times and I did need to back track in order to work out who was talking but I still enjoyed reading the book

With regards to the story line itself… i think it’s a great concept. Maybe this could have been developed a bit further, i would have loved to know more about Baxter Black

I’m looking forward to seeing what Gino comes up with next and to see his work progress

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