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Cover Reveal – HEMLOCK by Jesse Teller!

Today I’m doing my first ever cover reveal..and it’s for HEMLOCK
by Jesse Teller set for release April 15, 2018.

Here’s the blurb –

The busiest pirate bay in Perilisc is newly infested with vampires. These monsters will soon overrun the world, but the Manhunters must try to stop them in secret. Agents of the king are hunting the vigilante crew. With one false step, they could all end up at a royal execution. 

Are you ready to see the cover? well keep reading.

Hemlock is book 2 in The Manhunters series.. have you read book 1 SONG yet? If not here’s a little info to wet your appetite.


Some of the darkest minds in Perilisc attacked Mending Keep, releasing all its prisoners. Despite his strained relationship with the crown, Rayph Ivoryfist calls old friends to his aid in a subversive attempt to protect King Nardoc and thwart terrorist plots to ruin the Festival of Blossoms. But someone else is targeting Rayph, and even his fellow Manhunters might not be enough to save him.

Order Song at Amazon, Kobo, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.

Now I’ve kept you waiting long enough…Here’s the cover for Hemlock! Let me know your thoughts.


Want to know more about the Author?

Jesse Teller fell in love with fantasy when he was five years old and played his first game of Dungeons & Dragons. The game gave him the ability to create stories and characters from a young age. He started consuming fantasy in every form and, by nine, was obsessed with the genre. As a young adult, he knew he wanted to make his life about fantasy. From exploring the relationship between man and woman, to studying the qualities of a leader or a tyrant, Jesse Teller

Tales of Greed, Scandal & Mayhem from Colin Goodwin

So once in a while I find myself with a TBR list that is falling over under the weight but authors keep churning out high quality work to tempt me in. If I’m not able to review the book quickly sometimes I like to highlight the book on my blog..

Why do I do this?

Well firstly I’d like to know if any of my fellow bloggers have read the book and secondly of course I’d like to tempt some readers but more so i’d just like to get some feedback..tell me if you’ve read the book and if it’s something I need to bump up the list.

Today I’m highlighting the work of Colin Goodwin. Take a look below at his books and what some readers had to say about them. Do they take your fancy? Have you read them already? Do you like the covers? Let me know your thoughts.

Don’t Get Mad Get Even – Published by 2QT Publishing ISBN 978-1-910077-60-3


5.0 out of 5 stars Intrigue on the cricket pitch! Enjoyable novel about a cricket team threatened with closure unless it wins big

By Worldly traveller on 9 June 2016

Format: Paperback

I really like intriguing rustic tales of greed, scandal and farce. In this entertaining novel, the local cricket team is threatened with closure when a money baron decides he’d like to acquire the land to build on. The cricket club is told it must win a trophy this season or it will be closed. The club employs all sorts for tactics to secure the elusive trophy, bringing on expert cricket players. Even the locals conspire against the cricketers.


5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent read

By Wendy Taylor on 29 March 2016

Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

Really enjoyed this book. If you like the ‘Agatha Raisin’ series by M. C Beaton then you’ll love this series too. Can’t wait for the next one.


As the cricket season starts, so do the shenanigans…

Life is tranquil in the quintessentially English village of Throttle – until the local cricket team receives a devilish demand.

When industrialist and landowner Sir Alfred Bullock is laid up, his devious son Roland, devises a get-rich-quick scheme. He gives an ultimatum to the cricket club: win a trophy by the end of the season or we take back the ground you play on and sell it for development.

In a desperate attempt to win games and hold on to the pitch, the club enlists the help of a professional whose skills – to the delight of the local ladies – extend far beyond the cricket Field.

Roland, together with an unscrupulous estate agent and two dodgy builders, hatches malicious plans to ensure the team loses its games. Meanwhile, village residents whose houses are devalued by being on the perimeter of the pitch take matters into their own hands to ‘fix’ the club’s failure…

Greed, scandal, tragedy and farce ensue as the cricket club fights for survival against increasingly dangerous sabotage…


When in a Hole, Stop Digging – Published by 2QT Publishing ISBN 978-1-910077-80-1


5.0 out of 5 stars A most enjoyable sequel

By Nigel Hanson on 7 September 2016

A really enjoyable read, just as good as the first book. Just a pity it was finished all too soon.
Really hoping for and looking forward to the extent one.


An ordinary day in a sleepy village deteriorates into chaos.Livid boat owner Albert vows revenge after a humiliating event, and shocked residents of a brand new housing estate mysteriously find fish in the plumbing.A heartless double murderer on the loose and a gun-toting farmer send shivers through the town of Throttle as two amateur sleuths try to make sense of it all.

Meanwhile a pair of sixties throwback detectives attempt to piece it all together, but in reality make matters worse. The local free press needs a story fast, but the novice reporters get a shock as they enter a world far beyond their capability.  Finally, one resident, pushed to the edge by a marital issue, sinks to a new low.   The mayhem continues…..

Author bio


Colin Goodwin enjoyed a successful career as a welding and fabrication engineer, working in the aircraft industry and welder training for the oil industry.  For the past twenty years he worked in further education, where he also taught stained glass window making.

In the late 80’s he built and fitted out a 40 foot steel narrow-boat, but sold it because it was not fast enough.  He maintains an active lifestyle and has completed London marathons and Great North Runs.  Both Colin and his wife now prefer to go on long distance cycling holidays. Retired 6 years ago, Colin continues to indulge his creative side by repairing anything mechanical, motorbikes (Harley Davidson, BSA, Royal Enfield), cars (1951 Ford Anglia) and model steam engines. The books are available through Amazon, all good book shops and from under the counter at The Hardware Store, in Padiham. The last in the trilogy ‘A Likely Story’ is currently nearing completion.

Author Spotlight – Frank Westworth

Today is release day for Frank Westworh’s fifth JJ Stoner short story and to celebrate I thought I’d introduce you to the series as I’ve just recently finished reading the other 4 books in the series

Jean-Jacques Stoner is an ex solider; his problem isn’t really respecting authority it’s more that he doesn’t like to take any crap from anyone.

Over the first four books in the series we see Stoner develop, he gets a new job as a hired gun via The Hard Man.. who I absolutely loved.. meets some new people who help him along the way like Bernadette and Stretch and hurts a few people along the way..

One of the best things about the series so far for me is the plots.. There’s so much crammed into so few pages and it’s so well written the time passes you by in the blink of an eye.

Easy reading combined with some very interesting twists has kept me hooked throughout the series and for me the price of the eBook is a bargain!

The great think for me as a reader is that there’s also two full length novels I’ve yet to read.. these shorts have introduced me perfectly to the author and have convinced me that I’ll enjoy his full length novels just as much

I’ve reviewed each of the series so far so click the picture below if you want to check out the reviews.. book 5 will be reviewed shortly 🙂

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If you want to check the series out head to Frank’s author pages on Goodreads, or

If you like a bit of action but aren’t looking for a long read I highly recommend you try one of these shorts.. you’ve got nothing too loose except 99p which is well worth it in my opinion

Here’s the blurb for book one to get you tempted…

FIRST CONTRACT: A decade ago, JJ Stoner was a soldier. He killed people for a living and made no bones about it. On a scorching day in the Iraqi desert, when British blood stained the sand, he over-stepped the mark. Men died in compromising circumstances; too many men for an easy explanation. Faced with a dishonourable discharge and accusations of murder, Stoner accepted an offer from a stranger who represented an intelligence agency. Suddenly, Stoner found himself half a world away and about to execute his first private contract…

FIRST CONTRACT, a quick thriller, introduces the central character from the JJ Stoner / Killing Sisters series. As well as a complete, stand-alone story, First Contract includes an excerpt from ‘A Last Act of Charity’ and a sneak preview of the sequel, ‘The Corruption of Chastity.’
‘A Last Act of Charity’, is available in paperback and ebook.

Please note that FIRST CONTRACT is intended for an adult audience and contains explicit scenes of a sexual and/or violent nature.

My thanks go to Rowena at who kindly supplied me a copy of the first book, it was my pleasure to purchase the rest in the series and I look forward to reading the new book soon 🙂


Author Spotlight – Charlotte E. English

Every so often when i’m reading a book i think back to other books i’ve read.. the events of that previous book overshadowing my current reading..

This is when i know I’ve found an author i really enjoy.

Today i’d like to highlight the brilliant work  by Charlotte E. English who has to be one of the nicest authors i’ve reviewed since i started my blog.

I’d actually owed some of Charlotte’s work before starting the blog and for me it was a big buzz to have her notice my little corner of the web. I do what i do out of the sheer love of reading but to know your comments are appreciated makes everything so worthwhile.

Why do a spotlight you may ask? Simple.. There’s just not enough time in the day to read every book i want to.. and i want the author to see i support them and love their work even if i can’t read their book straightaway

Charlotte is a brilliant fantasy writer and her books have always been a pleasure to read. In all honesty her work has to be some of the best fantasy i’ve read and as my favorite genre i have high expectations. What i really enjoy about her books is how easily she sets the scene andsucks you into her world. She always leaves me with the fuzzy feeling in my brain as i imagine the world she creates and needless to say i’m always left wanting to read more of her work.

The Malykant Mysteries is a series of 4 short stories and it amazed me how much Charlotte managed to fit in such a short space of time.. a rich and detailed story that i just couldn’t help but love. You can see my review here – The Malykant Mysteries Review If you are looking for a short read then i can’t recommend this enough.

I also really enjoyed the Draykon series.. here’s the blurb for book one!

When shy and retiring Llandry Sanfaer discovers a mesmerising new gemstone, she suddenly becomes the most famous jeweller across the Seven Realms. Demand for the coveted stone escalates fast; when people begin dying for it, Llandry finds that she herself has become a target.

Lady Evastany Glostrum has her life in pristine order. Prestigious, powerful and wealthy, she is on the verge of crowning her successes with the perfect marriage. But when her closest friend is murdered for the jewellery she wears, Eva is drawn into the mystery surrounding the curious “istore” gem.

The emergence of the stone is causing chaos across the Seven. Gates between the worlds are opening at will, pulling hordes of creatures through from the shadowy Lower Realm and the glittering Uppers. As Eva works to discover the culprit behind the spreading disorder, Llandry must learn the truth about her precious istore stone — before she herself becomes a victim.

Draykon is currently free to buy here –

I highly recommend you check it out and if you like it as much as me i recommend you buy the complete box set of three books as it will save you a little money in the long run 🙂

If you are looking for a new book take my advice and have a look at Charlotte’s work.. you’ll not be disappointed

Have a good weekend everyone 🙂

Author Spotlight- JC Norman

Today i bring to you my final spotlight post as as part of the Clink Street Blogival 2016. My aim is to highlight a few authors, there’s so much choice these days too many can be overlooked.

Today it’s the turn of JC Norman, author of Sphere’s Divide: Pilgirm of Element.

Below is the blurb on the book –

Sphere’s Divide is a dark, matured and thrilling romance told in the narrative of a physical and emotional journey designed to push the boundaries of love and morals.
When Leo Raiden discovers the secluded site of a skyship crash on the outskirts of his island he finds a seemingly, single survivor. A new and devastating global disaster threatens Sphere. Raiden, the enigmatic Val and a Caster named Zahied are set upon a mission to a distant land, seeking only information of ancient human knowledge and technologies to protect Sphere from the threat that sits outside its atmosphere.

High Elementalist Acarlie of Eloma, a young girl skilled in the art of manipulating the Element of Wind has finally finished her training and is ready to set off on her dangerous pilgrimage. To visit each elemental stadium and fight in thrilling battles in front of thousands in order to master all the elements and become the Elemental Lord. With her on her sacred journey are her Sacred Guides, Tigian Sheeria and Human Miles, a charismatic mercenary paid to protect her.
Together, these two parties discover their goals lie at the same destination and will pave the way for the most important story in Sphere’s history.

Combining mild science fiction, unconventional fantasy, romance and adventure, Pilgrim of Element is the first chapter to tell a unique story in a new world where humans are no longer a lonely race, but share their world with intelligent, evolved creatures descendant of mammals we know today.

Sphere’s Divide: Pilgirm of Element is available on Amazon

Without further ado i pass you over to JC Norman who will tell you a little more about the characters within the story. Enjoy!


First of all I would like to make a quick disclaimer. I have had to search the internet for ages, trying to find the right pictures for the characters. Trying to find a human-like evolved lion only ends in pictures of a half naked, feral warrior thing that looks like it can’t hold a simple conversation. And when trying to find a picture of a female character come up with poor images of them trying to be sexy. So I have found what I feel is the closest interpretation to my characters without anyone losing the idea of who these characters are.



I guess we should start at the beginning and so should start at Val. In many ways Val is your typical reluctant hero. My idea here was to create a relatable character whom the audience feels a personal connection with. The idea for his story is one of personal discovery. A young man with no memory finding himself forced into the main plot. Since he has no memory nor identity he knows nothing of the world, the people, races or how it works, and so he has a very ‘Earthy’ way of looking at things. I wanted the audience to think that he may even be from a place like Earth and so would ask the questions and see the world as the readers are themselves. As far as heroes go, Val isn’t a very good one. He is not strong, intelligent, doesn’t have a big charismatic nor even a leadership quality to him, but I feel he shines in the most important aspects of what makes a ‘Hero’ and that is his loyalty,  perseverance and his ability to decipher right from wrong (something I fully intend to stretch to the limits). He is a character who is dedicated to his friends, following his heart, standing for what he believes in and persevering against the struggle. It’s these qualities that make up each and every person we all know.

My inspiration for Val were characters too many to name since I feel there is a bit of Val in every movie and book hero we’ve ever read or seen. He is your Luke Skywalkers, King Arthurs, Jon Snows, Tiduses, Samwise Gamgees, John McClains, Perer Parkers, this list goes on and on.



Acarlie in many ways is the real hero of the story. Whereas Val shows one side of the qualities of the hero, Acarlie shows the others. Hers is of dedication to her pilgrimage, upholding the laws of her upbringings and traditions and trying to stay true to innocence. She is a character who throughout the story will experience change more than any other. She is naïve and even spoilt and sheltered sometimes, holding up her laws and rules to a fault and is all to willing to reveal her emotions. She however is the leader of the band since she is the Elementalist but cleverly and often steps down and allows the likes of Raiden and Sheeria to make the decisions, only putting her foot down when she feels she truly has to. She is a complex character since many times she sits on two sides of the spectrum of what she feels is important in life and so struggles when she sees the conflict of her options. But within her flaws is her strength in battle. Physically and emotionally she may seem weak but her ability in her Element of Wind is where she shines and gives the readers a light show of action and adrenaline. Hers and Val’s slow romance however is the real star of the show, the conflict of ideas between the characters and the loyalty to each other give the reader a powerful image of conflicted but passionate affection for each other, even if it is never said, I wanted the readers to see this by their actions and emotions rather than them hearing it from them. My inspirations for Acarlie are both Summoner Yuna and Rinoa Heartilly from the Final Fantasy series.



Raiden is one my favourites. He is of a race called Leos, descendants of lions who over the millenniums have evolved to stand on two feet and speak as we have from prime-apes. Raiden is the true leader and alpha male of the group, often only stepping down when the Elementalist must make the decisions that affect the group or when Sheeria steps in. The three of them have a clever triangle of leadership between them and even though Acarlie is technically the leader, it is clear that Raiden is in charge. As a walking and talking lion don’t be fooled by the idea of his character. He is not a mindless and feral, ware-wolf-like beast, or a cliché animal warrior only wanting to ‘spill the blood of his enemies’ ect. Instead, he portrays the idea of the bigger brother or even father figure of the group. Still in the process of grieving for his recently deceased brother, Raiden portrays loyalty to his friends and the trust in their abilities. He is stubborn and quick tempered as you could imagine a lion would be and proud to a fault of his ancestry. Being the last of his kind, wiped out by the humans a century previously he also has a history of hatred for them. But over the years has grown over his young and heated emotions, now only lonely in his race, taking Val under his wing and teaching him the ways of Sphere. It was to him and Val that the mission to discover information about the Black Hole came to and so again this makes him the true protagonist of the story, even though he often steps down and takes a back seat for the likes of Acarlie and Val to take the spot light. Like Val, there are many inspirations for Raiden but I think he also is quite unique, he is a person who has endured and overcome discrimination over the years and has learned to let go of hatred for the people who will eventually make his people extinct. He is the strongest of the cast and has a strong sense of justice, but it is his change in character when meeting the likes of Sheeria and Acarlie and seeing his more sensitive side that is the most fun thing about someone like Raiden. I think there is something of every father figure in Raiden and easily one of the quickest and easiest characters to like and understand.



In many ways Sheeria is a simple character, she is a mother, an older sister, a guardian and a guide for Acarlie. But she also has a complex character in how she sees the world and her complete loyalty to Acarlie. Very much like Raiden, Sheeria is a tigian, a creature that evolved from a tiger and so completes the image of the caring and over protective mother. As a character who was once a mother, Sheeria now fills the gap of her own lost child by raising, training and travelling with Acarlie, loving and protecting her like she child she failed in the past. She is fierce in protecting Acarlie and the strongest female character in the main plot. Her strong and fearless personality even over-shadows Raiden’s and so makes her the third part of the triangle of leadership. Raiden and Acarlie will both listen to her but she often chooses to take Acarlie’s side as her loyal Guide and best friend. The relationship between Raiden and Sheeria too is a subtle and slow process seen gradually in their actions towards one another. But with her loyalty to Acarlie and the teachings she is sometimes a closed book to the likes of Val, she does not see the world from outside her teachings. Her fierceness also comes across with a fiery temper, but this temper is only a manifestation of her dedication to Acarlie, and soon, to her other friends. She, quite simply is the image of that tigress mother in the wild with a cub under her paws and staring at you, daring you to take another step.

The Nameless Mute

Nameless Mute

This character is a special one, for me especially and from what I have heard, has become a favourite to the readers. The Nameless Mute, a young boy from a dark city that hides underneath another city, a city with no sky. He is a character who has grown up in darkness and has never seen the sky. Often referred to the names of Dude, Monkey, Mute, Aeomon; in truth he has no name, nor does he have a tongue to tell anyone his real name, and so he goes by the names people give him. He is of a species called Aeomon, originally based on the idea of monkeys, aeomon are basically humans with tails. The Nameless Mute however, as a thief, (and not a very good one at that) has had both his tail and his tongue removed after being caught stealing in his life. And so with his terrible lifestyle, missing limbs and lack of sunlight and friends he portrays depression, anxiety and self hatred. I see the Nameless Mute as that part of everybody who has suffered at some part of their lives. A role to remind everyone of the hardships we have all been through in one way or another and the day to day struggle we all face. As a character who cannot speak, he relies solely on his actions, gestures and emotions and so gives the reader a closer connection to his true personality. He is that feeling of rejection you had when you were young and denied by your crush, he is the feeling of loneliness, the feeling that you are different when you look out at everybody else in the world personified in the body of a weak and helpless character. But as we all know, there is more to what meets the eye and on the other side of his character, he is made of the same substance we are. He is thoughtful and sacrificial for the needs of others, confused about his own past and constantly questioning his existence and wielding the legendary fire-sword Fireshaver we are forever reminded that there is something unique and special about this enigmatic character. He in many ways is a protagonist of his very own story that co-insides the main plot, telling the story of how many of us fight ourselves on a daily bases. My inspirations for him are every silent protagonist ever portrayed in JRPGs, letting his actions speak louder than his words. Also he is inspired by non other that my own insecurities, he is the darker side of not just me but everyone. He is the underdog, he is the reject of society, but if you look closer, he has got a heart, he is human (kind-of).


And now for the most important character in the story. The antagonist. To me, the antagonist, the villain, the bad guy is the most important part of any story. Like the rule of the drummer in a band, the better the villain, the better the story. It’s them who keep the plot going, who’s dedicated hard work on f******* things up keeps things interesting and makes things hard for the protagonists. And so, for me, Zane was the hardest character to look up. I searched for ages on what I feel makes a good villain and started watching films just to appreciate how the antagonist works. He is a character who instantly steals the show from even the most charismatic hero, even his presence in the scene brings a tension, mystery and awe, and Zane is no different.

Like Sheeria, Zane is a tigian, and so instantly, his physical appearance is a threatening one, a towering, walking and talking tiger. He however is also the Elemental Lord, an elementalist like Acarlie who has mastered all of the elements around the world and now sits upon the throne of all the elementalists and would be the final stop for Acarlie once she has finished her pilgrimage and would be ready to face her final trial. More importantly however, other than his physical and elemental advantage would be his immortality. Originally born a human millions of years previously and being the saviour to the planet, he merged with the Spirit of the planet and died. Unlike every other soul however who could find that eternal rest, Zane was born again in a different body. A tiny child, unable to speak until he was old enough. This cycle continued throughout the millenniums until Zane finally realised he would never die and truly find that peace of death, until he heard about the Black Hole and now has decided that the only way he would ever truly sleep again, is if the world and every other life form in it would sleep with him. Now weathered with life itself Zane uses his new tigian body and stature of the Elemental Lord to bully his way through Sphere in a desperate race against our heroes. With all these advantages he has against the others though, the best advantage he actually has is his intelligence. He is old, so very old, and with age comes wisdom he uses expertly, having all the time in the world to perfect how to use it. He is a character who understands how others work, a master tactician, a careful thinker, but he is not however a monster. Not just a cackling bad guy bent on world domination, instead it is almost understandable of why he would want such destruction, if only to get the peace he deserves for his previous actions of saving the planet all those years ago. With all these strengths and the world’s strongest army behind his back Zane is the 100 foot wall the protagonists must overcome. He is every obstacle we have ever faced where it feels impossible to win. My inspirations for him include Darth Vader, Sephiroth (FF7), Kazuya Mishima, Brick Top, Zoran Lazarevic (Uncahrted), L (Death Note), Shere Khan and many others.


A quick explanation of the different species to understand them.

Humans: Self-explanatory really. Humans are us (duh). They are the most technologically advanced race and the smartest of all. In many ways they represent the western world by the clothes they wear. After wiping out the Leo race in the Leo Divide, the humans now hold the majority of the world’s power. They are also the more science fiction pert of the story with their technology and inventions.

Elders: These are the opposite of the humans. Called ‘Elders’ because history says that these creatures were on Sphere before the humans. Also because of their image, they look haggard and old with natural wrinkles even at youth. They are the creatures that understand the Spirit more than any other and are the closest link to any form of ‘Magic’ in the story. They also represent the eastern world with their lifestyles and architecture ect. Also they are the only creature that isn’t inspired of actual mammals we know here. Inspired by the Mystics of The Dark Crystal they are kind, humble and sacred creatures who stay out of the politics of the humans and leave them to it. Only stepping up to war with them if necessary.

Leos: As mentioned before, the leos are based on lions. Now all extinct they were once proud warriors who once controlled the world until the humans developed weapons to kill them. Not very intelligent but clearly the strongest and feared by many. Their dress sense is inspired by a primal and indigenous societies and medieval-style cloaks and armours. Over history they have remained loyal servants to the elders, the way dogs are to humans, a fact the humans have always been jealous of.

Tigians: Like the leos the tigians are based on tigers and have a very similar concept to them. But as smarter creatures they stayed out of previous wars and so are more common than the leos. Living in-between both the humans and elders, the tigians have taken a more eastern dress sense like kimonos but would not shy from other forms of attire like ancient Greek-style tunics and gowns. They are a kind race regardless of their appearance and one of the world’s greatest and most numerous.

Aeomon: Originally inspired by monkeys, the aeomon are simply humans with tails. They live very close with the humans but are not as intelligent. Their technology would be something of steam-punk with a Victorian style of clothing most of the time but also fit in with the humans, however they do receive some discrimination since from them since the humans naturally believe themselves better and more evolved.

Kingnines: Kingnines are the result of genetic engineering. After the humans could not get the leos to follow them as the elders do. They instead turned to genetics and developed a quadruped creature that could talk. Mixing the leos DNA with that of wolves they created a mix of the two. Kingnines were created for the sole purpose of killing the leos and serving the humans. There are none in the wild and they only serve the armies or individual humans. They are the most loyal of all the creatures and serve their human masters. But unlike the leos who serve the entire elder species, the kingnines serve only one human at a time.

Finally I have some pictures I searched for to find some ideas of the world itself and the skyships and technology to give you a better understanding of Sphere.

Sphere’s Divide: Pilgirm of Element is available on Amazon

Author Spotlight – Graham Wood

Today I bring to you the third of four author spotlight posts as part of the Clink Street Blogival 2016. My aim is to highlight a few authors, there’s so much choice these days too many can be overlooked. I honestly picked the four that stood out the most for me and i hope you can see why once you’ve read a bit about the books.

It’s the turn of Graham Wood author of Zein: The Homecoming, the 2nd book in a science fiction trilogy. Here’s the blurb that instantly grabbed me. I’d love to hear your thoughts.At only 99p i’ll be adding this and the first book to my TBR list


With Zylar defeated and on the run, newly appointed Lord Chancellor Kabel Blackstone leads a joint human and Zeinonian force in his search for his home planet, Zein. On Zein, Tate Malacca defends the survivors in the last remaining safe haven from the attacks of the vicious Pod hordes, who are intent on killing them all. As Tyson’s powers in the magics grow more unstable… who can control or guide him; hopes may lie with the enigmatic Changeling, Zebulon. On Earth, the mysterious Cabal spreads its influence and network, with the ultimate aim of controlling the production of the all-powerful zinithium. Zylar waits for his opportunity for revenge, breeding his master race and building a new Ilsid army to crush the Blackstone brothers once and for all. Facing incredible odds Kabel, Tyson and their friends have to conquer their own fears and temptations to fight for not just each other but the millions who face certain death if they fail

Zein: The Homecoming is available on Amazon –

Without further ado i pass you to Graham who will tell you a little about himself and his work.


I am an alien…apologies I am deep into writing my third and final book of my first Zein trilogy and you become so immersed in your writing that you become one with it! I am actually a Mancunian from sunny Manchester in the United Kingdom, some may say that my first statement is more accurate than placing ‘sunny’ in front of Manchester. I am married and have two children, Joe who is nearly 21 and Becky who is 17…though I had them when I was incredibly young so I am still very youthful.

When I was 15 years old I wrote my first play called ‘Taming of the Shoe’ which was a take on Shakespeare’s, Taming of the Shrew. The play took the characters from the Taming of the Shrew and gave them characters based on the different types of shoes you could buy at the time, each loosely tied (pardon the pun) with the character type. It was a humorous writing of course and I had to stand up in front of two hundred people at The Rotary Club, a public speaking association, and I came second. But the sight I enjoyed the most was the astonishment of my parents watching their previously shy and post speech impediment son spouting this incredibly insane adaption of a famous play.

The book I fell in love with was Lord of the Rings. For years I wanted it to become a film and you can guess my astonishment when it did eventually hit our screens. I may have been in my thirties but on that day I was just a kid at heart.

My first novel I wrote but didn’t finish was a love story surrounding the fall of the Berlin Wall. I do have to point out that this was ten years before the actual event and was about a retired soldier who attempts to rescue his daughter who has disappeared in East Germany and is part of the non-violent struggle to bring down the Berlin Wall. However, she is pursued by the secret police and he decides to attempt to rescue her. Then life got in the way and before you know it the Berlin Wall had fallen – so inconvenient…that’s when I decided the first book I have published is in the science-fiction genre. Surely there cannot be alien cities above us protected by extraordinary technology…or is there?

After years of procrastinating and not starting my book it was the bravery of my daughter that spurred me on.  At the age of 14 we suddenly found out that her heart was not connected to her descending aorta and she had to have open heart surgery. It was in those long nights beside her bed as she recovered that, to take my mind off what she was going through, I pulled together my first novel, Zein: The Prophecy. When I put fingers to keyboard I could not hold back on my emotions and some of the writing captures the despair and fear that I felt at the time.

There will be three self-contained trilogies on Zein. The 2nd trilogy will be set in the future and will follow the exploits of the children of the heroes and villains of the 1st trilogy. The 3rd and final trilogy will be the prologue on how the aliens came to Earth in the first place.

My ultimate dream, apart from my family being blessed with long lives and happiness, is that my books become films and maybe, just maybe there will be a child out there who has read Zein: The Prophecy and hopes that one day he or she will see the story come to life in front of them on the big screen and spend the first 5 minutes pinching his or her skin to test they are not dreaming.

Zein: The Homecoming by Graham Wood (published by Clink Street Publishing 7th July 2015 RRP £8.99, eBook £4.99) is available online at retailers including and can be ordered from all good bookstores. For more information, please visit:


Author Spotlight – Nooshie Motaref

Today I bring to you the second of four author spotlight posts as part of the Clink Street Blogival 2016.

I’m very glad to bring to you a bio for author Nooshie Motaref today and i little info about her book Tapestries of the Heart which i will be reviewing on my blog shortly. 

Instantly i was drawn to this book from the press release alone –

Authentic and powerful novel explores the ever-changing effects of religion and politics in Iranian society, told through the lives of four generations of Persian women, inspired by the author’s personal experiences.  

If you have already read the book or plan to in the future let me know, i’d love t hear your thoughts.

I’m definitely looking forward to reading this one.

Tapestries of the Heart is available on Amazon –


Tapestries of the Heart: Four Women, Four Persian Generations




This award winning novel portrays four generations of Persian women over a span of one hundred years. It depicts the effects of religion and politics-ever changing in Iranian society. Tapestries stands out as a true representation of the cycle of life. The destinies of these characters are interwoven with many threads and the events and consequences throughout have a major impact on their lives. Throughout the generations, these women lived, loved, and fought for what they believed in. Though it was a struggle, they battled and endured when the odds were almost completely against them.


Nooshie Motaref, has gone through many challenging life experiences unlike many women from the Middle East. She grew up in Persia, and studied in four countries — Iran, Germany, Switzerland and United States. She received her master’s and doctorate degrees in American Literature and Folklore from Florida State University. Her dissertation is a proof of Carl Jung’s theory, the “Collective Unconscious,” through Persian fairy tales and folktales.

She has taught university courses on humanities, literature and critical thinking. In addition, she is certified by the Conflict Resolution Program Act to promote peacemaking efforts worldwide.

In March of 2014, she presented one of her articles, “Women and Islam,” for a conference, Women and Education at Oxford University in Oxford, England.

She frequently gives speeches on several subjects related to her birthplace including its culture, traditions and religion. Her purpose is to familiarize Western audiences with  Iranian life and ethnicity.


Tapestries of the Heart is available on Amazon –

Author Spotlight -A.L. Patterson

I’m always interested in being introduced to new authors. There is so much choice out there sometimes authors can be overlooked.

I was very kindly asked to take part in the Clink Street Blogival 2016 and i jumped at the chance to help showcase 4 authors whose books stood out for me.

One thing a book needs to do for me is hook me in from the synopsis alone. If you don’t get that right then you’ve missed out on a sale.

My first spotlight will be on author A.L. Patterson whose book Solipsism caught my eye. Andre has very kindly wrote a piece about how the book came about. Let me know what you think 🙂




Cosden Ke’s life has long been ordinary. But soon it becomes anything but ordinary when a charismatic professor takes him on a journey through time and space as they travel through the enigma of the only mind in existence. Just as one understanding of life ends, another begins… through unfathomable dimensions. But they soon face an ominous threat to universal actuality— faceless shadowy figures known only as the “Dark Men” who seek to suppress the truth of the universe— both its beginning and its end.

Unfortunately, Solipsism cannot be explained. It can only be experienced.

Book avilable on Amazon –


Andre L. Patterson is a writer and educator based in Georgia. He currently attends Georgia Regents University as a graduate student of education. His interests range from esoteric philosophy to presidential history to solving Moscow Math Puzzles. “Solipsism” is his debut novel.


Book & Author Spotlight:

Several years ago, my brother, a USC doctoral student who enjoys puzzles, proposed an idea to me. “What if I’m not real? What if nothing in the physical world is real? How can you be sure that anything exists outside of your own mind? Maybe everything else is a projection. That’s a real philosophy, y’know?” So powerful was this notion that it remained with me, even if I didn’t fully believe it. But there it was, always niggling and philosophically gnawing at me. Then I read about this theory again and found a name for it—Solipsism—espoused by the great philosopher René Descartes and even mentioned briefly by Sigmund Freud himself (thus the opening quote of my book). This philosophy is also commonly referred to as “Brain-in-a-vat theory.” It configures that “in the beginning” (my words) our brains lie in a jar and electrical impulses send signals to the mind that forge the illusion, perception, and projections that make up our reality— the entire physical world is a mental projection. This was the sort of stardust that gave breath to The Matrix and The 13th Floor.

Over a year before beginning the manuscript, I came up with a funny idea. Why not turn solipsism into a book? I jotted down the mere idea in a notebook and assumed such an undertaking, with its philosophical and theoretical underpinning, would be too daunting. But a year later, I woke up one morning and realized that it had to be done. While my writing process is generally to plan in great detail, chapter-by-chapter, that was not done with this book. Perhaps because there are no chapters in this novel! That was quite purposeful. I want this novel to be read and experienced in one fell swoop. No breaks, no stops, no distractions to put it down. I almost see this book as one long chapter. But it remains purposefully short in comparison to other 21st century novels, where 600-page tomes have become the norm. I did not want to do that with this story. I prefer to exert the notion that 200 pages of my short novel, an exercise in esoterica— tinged with action and delightful surprises, will be just as worthwhile as any longer manuscript. I have admittedly packed a great deal of material into this book. And I hope, dear reader, you will enjoy experiencing this book as I enjoyed writing it. Who knows? If sales are ripe, we may get to join Cosden and The Professor once more. I will simply leave you with the tagline that I conjured up for this story.

Solipsism cannot be explained. It can only be experienced.

Book available on Amazon –

Author Spotlight – Keith Nixon

If you’ve been following my blog you’ll have notice I’ve reviewed a few books by Keith Nixon this year.

I’ve loved every one of them! because of this Keith is next up for the spotlight treatment 🙂

If you’ve not read my reviews of his work please click the pictures below

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Okay so you want to know why I’ve chosen Kieth. Easy.. not only have i enjoyed his work it was great to see an author who writes books covering different genres and does it so well.

Keith seems to have a knack for writing and can shift from historical fiction to crime fiction with ease!

While reading some of his historical fiction work i was amazed how vivid his tales were and how much depth he could give historical and fictional characters and it was so good to see none of this was lost while reading his crime fiction novel The Corpse Role

Keith’s depth of imagination to be able to tell these types of tales so perfectly is amazing and as a reader I’ve been hooked from start to finish with each of his books and that’s just few I’ve read. There are so many more left for me to enjoy!

Today i’d like you to look at his books, give them a go..hopefully you’ll like them just as much as i have..what have you got to loose.

To connect with Keith check out his website, Twitter, or

Author Spotlight – Michael R. Hicks

A little later than planned.. Here’s my next Author Spotlight.

Today I would like to bring to your attention to the works of Michael R. Hicks.

When I just started to get into reading regularly a few years ago I was looking to find a series of books and through a recommendation via twitter I looked at the In Her Name series by Michael R. Hicks.

The series is a science fiction novel with a bit of fantasy edge to it.

It focuses on humans not being alone in the universe and of an alien species of warriors. There’s fighting, swords, guns, love, death.. what more could you want?

For fear of giving too much away of the story that’s as far as I’m going to go.. but If science fiction is your thing you really should check out these books.

Here is the blurb for book 1 to get your taste buds going –

The Terran survey ship Aurora makes a startling discovery in an uncharted star system: two planets inhabited by an advanced, and decidedly unfriendly, non-human civilization. Disabled by gigantic alien warships before it can escape, the Aurora is boarded by nightmarish blue-skinned warriors with claws and fangs who slaughter the crew in ritual combat using primitive weapons. The sole survivor, Midshipman Ichiro Sato, is returned to Earth as a messenger bearing a device that warns of an impending attack.

 For that is the way of the Kreelan Empire, which has waged war against countless civilizations across the stars in its quest for a savior, one not of their own blood, foretold in an ages-old prophecy. With only a few generations left before their ancient species faces extinction, the Kreelans will wage their last war against humanity, hoping against hope for redemption of sins long past.

Currently has 229 five star and 120 four star reviews for this book…I don’t know about you but numbers like that make me take notice…

What? You want another reason to get this book? OK.. how about the fact it’s FREE! Yep. The first book is completely free

Michael’s story telling is just wonderful and he created some brilliant characters and events over this series. I still have 3 books left to read of the 9 and I’m thoroughly looking forward to reading them.

One of the things I like the most is although you can read all 9 books the series is actually split into 3 distinct works. So if you’re not looking for a major commitment to nine books just get the first 3.. you won’t be disappointed .

In all honestly Michael has to be one of my favourite authors. So much so that after reading one book I purchased the next 5 straight away. What have you got to loose.. the first book is free. Give it a read and let me know what you think. I’d love to hear your views

Today I urge you to take a look at Michael’s website here – From here he links you directly to where you can purchase the books and read the reviews.

Want to connect with Michael? You can do so via his website Twitter, Facebook,Goodreads or his Amazon author page.