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Surviving Hell: the brutal true story of the Chennai Six by Nick Dunn – Review

Next up I’m reviewing Surviving Hell: the brutal true story of the Chennai Six by Nick Dunn. Nick is a fellow Ashington boy who was mixed up in events that cost him years of his life.. it’s a true account of his imprisonment and treatment at the hands of the UK and Indian government.. it’s one hell of a read.

Here’s the blurb


The remarkable story of former British soldier Nick Dunn, who was caught up in one of the biggest miscarriages of justice in the modern era.

Arrested and imprisoned in India as one of the ‘Chennai Six’, Nick wasn’t just innocent of any crime – there was no crime. Stationed on an anti-piracy ship to protect vessels against Somali pirates, the six were arrested and falsely charged with intruding in Indian waters and the possession of illegal weapons.

Nick lost four years of his life trapped in a legal nightmare in India, thousands of miles from home and his family, spending the bulk of his time in appalling conditions at Chennai prison with extremely limited contact to the outside world. Despite this, Nick refused to buckle, and now he tells his full story of endurance and survival for the very first time.


Nick Dunn is a former British soldier.. After serving his country he decides to take a job in security, specifically on an anti-piracy ship protecting vessels for Somali pirates. While aboard ship the Indian coastguard board and accuse the men of being in Indian waters with illegal weapons. The men know this to be untrue and believe it will be sorted out quickly…fat chance.. due to the vindictive and corrupt nature of the Indian justice system Nick and the rest of the men are about to be trust into hardship and uncertainty that would break many.

This tale isn’t just about his time in prison.. it’s a reflective look at his life and event that ended up with Nick being in India.. Nick had a lot of time to look back at things.. he doesn’t have regrets.. it’s just a simple series of events that have led him here but he won’t let this get him down.. he has to be strong.

We also learn of Lisa, Nick’s sister who campaigned tirelessly for his release and the amazing connection between the two of them.. a bond that could never be broken no matter the distance.

In the current climate this book is the perfect read.. Nick had to deal with isolation.. had to deal with the stress of things being out of his control.. I know it’s a very different situation but reading about his strength during that time can help you see that things could be worse.. if he made it through so will we.

What amazed me was the telling of his time in jail… you’d be forgiven for thinking he was just imprisoned from day 1… not so.. in and out of jail, on bail, back to jail, freedom of have it crushed and forced back to jail seemingly out of spite more than anything..I can’t imagine the stress that must have caused Nick and the other men.

Nick was shockingly let down by many.. just not those closest to him.. his family. It wasn’t an easy ride for them either. As we all know life moves on regardless of events that might happen to you.. how do you balance a life when a member of your family is locked up on false charges.

To say this book is a brilliant read is an understatement.. that seems like the wrong word if you look at the subject matter.. it’s a harrowing tale of corruption and imprisonment but also sheer strength of will.. that in the end sees Nick home with his family.

5/5 Stars!

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This Is Going to Hurt: Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor by Adam Kay – Review

Next up on David’s Book Blurg is This Is Going to Hurt: Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor by Adam Kay.

Here’s the blurb

Welcome to the life of a junior doctor: 97-hour weeks, life and death decisions, a constant tsunami of bodily fluids, and the hospital parking meter earns more than you.

Scribbled in secret after endless days, sleepless nights and missed weekends, Adam Kay’s This is Going to Hurt provides a no-holds-barred account of his time on the NHS front line. Hilarious, horrifying and heartbreaking, this diary is everything you wanted to know – and more than a few things you didn’t – about life on and off the hospital ward.


This Is Going to Hurt is the first book I can say both myself and the wife have both read.. our tastes are different but the book just spoke to us both.(she works in the NHS and I just find what they do amazing!). I actually read this sometime ago now.. at the time everyone was buzzing about this book and to my fault I forgot to join in and leave my review.. Oops.

So the book is a series of diary type entries from a junior doctor.. the real selling point about the book is that this is real life.. real events.. real pressures..real emotions..a reality check for sure!

As you’d expect there are ups and downs during the tale.. it’s extremely funny at times and I can see how certain days a junior doctor must have moments when they can’t help but smile but it was incredibly balanced with the harder moments to show the emotional cost the job can have on a doctor as well as the real life cost to the patient.

I was moved by this tale…even months on those last entries still sticks with me..and it really makes me value all the health care professionals out there..I couldn’t do what they do.

What the author manages to get spot on is the human aspect.. his diary entries speak volumes..stress..pain..anger even..a fun moments too, lots of them. I feel the book for me showed that if you weigh up those good and the bad moments we owe these guys and girls so much gratitude for what they endure.

Certainly a book we should all read.. appreciate what the NHS provide.. you might just see these people as doing their job but they do so much more than that.. they provide a service only very special people are willing to do.. they look after us at our worst..I know we’ve all heard horror stories about NHS care but the vast majority of these people are good people.. underpaid and overworked..they deserve more and that starts with the book and remember next time you go to A&E and have to wait 3 hours to be seen.. that doctor has probably already worked 12 hours.. might have even lost a you really need to be there? If so just try to put on a smile and be thankful we have the NHS.

I think it’s rather clear already but this was a sure-fire 5 start read!

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