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Confessions of a Book Blogger

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Keep calm and blog on

On February 2nd I blogged about how Authors should support Book Bloggers and gave some tips of the trade. Blogging isn’t always easy and takes a lot of time and effort. I am a firm believer it takes both the author and the blogger to work together for support of each other’s medium on social media.

Today, I am going to talk about how book bloggers should support authors in their endeavors. Bloggers and Authors lead such busy lives and it’s not always easy to be in contact with each other. We are always pulled in so many different directions. In many ways, I like to think that bloggers and authors have like minds in creativity and structure. We are in constant need of nurturing that creativity. But before I get carried away on that thought, let’s get back to bloggers supporting authors.

Check list for supporting authors:

  1. This…

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The Wolf will Rise…Friday July 31st 2015!

Excited to be reading this book shortly 🙂

STEVEN A. McKAY - Historical Fiction Author

RotW FB banner

Yep, I’ve been waiting on feedback from beta-readers, changing things, tightening this and that and now I can tell you, Rise of the Wolf will be published next Friday, July 31 2015. Assuming I get the files all sorted and uploaded in time of course…

Obviously there won’t be a long pre-order period for it. I’ll hopefully have it listed to go on Amazon on Thursday night (GMT) – my reasons for this will be made clear in a blog post about it very soon. Ultimately, I’d like as many people as possible to buy the book the day it comes out, or as soon as they can, so it gets a good chart placing.

I’ll be offering prizes to everyone on my mailing list that buys Rise on day one – signed copies of each book, including the new one; free downloads of the audio books; Amazon gift cards… If…

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Proofs have arrived! – Blog Post by Steven A. Mckay

STEVEN A. McKAY - Historical Fiction Author

The first proofs of the Rise of the Wolf paperbacks arrived today. Looking good, I’m very pleased with the whole set!

I still have some changes and revisions to make so haven’t got a firm release date yet. I am hoping to get it out there within the next two or three weeks though, so keep an eye open for it. Sign up for the mailing list (see the button at the top of the page) if you haven’t already, as I’ll be offering signed copies along with other prizes for anyone buying a copy on day one!



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Rise of the Wolf, the blurb.

STEVEN A. McKAY - Historical Fiction Author

Sir Guy of Gisbourne is back!

Bent on vengeance against Robin Hood and with a turncoat new lieutenant in tow, an unlikely new hero must stand up for herself…


The greenwood has been quiet and the outlaws have become complacent, but the harsh reality of life is about to hit the companions with brutal, deadly force thanks to their old foe, Prior John de Monte Martini.

From a meeting with King Edward II himself to the sheriff’s tournament with its glittering prize, the final, fatal, showdown fast approaches for the legendary Wolf’s Head.

New friends, shattered loyalties and a hate-fuelled hunter that threatens to wipe out not only Robin’s friends but his entire family will all play their part in the RISE OF THE WOLF.

What do you think? Comments welcome!

RotW final FINAL!

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Very Nice Palatine Review – Blog Post by LJ Trafford

LJ Trafford

I always like to hear which character readers liked best, in this case its Philo. I have a particular soft spot for Philo as he is the character that I probably know best. This was by necessity since in Galba’s Men he gives a potted history of his life so I had to fix certain facts. Whereby the background of characters such as Epaphroditus remains somewhat sketchy and gets filled in book by book I know who Philo is, how he will respond in any given situation and the very particular way in which he speaks.

But I wouldn’t like to write a book solely from Philo’s point of view. I think it would be far too depressing. To get inside Philo’s head is to enter a pretty dark place. There is a whole slice of his life that he keeps shut off and doesn’t address which limits him…

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Do You Still Read “Real” Books?

Do You Still Read “Real” Books? Interesting topic…

At least, that is what I was asked. I am pretty sure that they were referring to e-books versus physical books, but I did have to chuckle. I always swore I would never have an e-reader, and only read “real” books.

I also could not count the number of books; really, really good books, that I have read that were only in an electronic format. I would not have had the opportunity to read those books if I completely relied on printed books.

Now, I also still have every intention of having a library in my home when I have the spare room available for it. I could think of nothing I would enjoy more than a comfortable chair, a soft light, fluffy rug, warm fireplace, and every wall full of bookcases stacked with books. My favorite books, the classics, and books I have not read yet.

One of my favorites! One of my…

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Agent of Rome – The Emperor’s Silver

S.J.A. Turney's Books & More


Quite simply there are perhaps 5 or 6 series that, when their new books are released, I drop anything I’m reading and dive into. Anyone who follows my reviews will already know my opinion of Nick’s work, so this should be a nice easy review.

The Agent of Rome series began with The Siege, which was one of the strongest debuts I’ve ever read and immediately defined the pace and quality of the entire series. There was little room for the author’s ability to grow and shape as he wrote, which is the natural thing to observe over a series, since the first volume was already perfectly polished. The problem with that kind of start is that it’s difficult to keep to the expected quality. So far, though, I’ve seen no dip in the series, which is excellent.

And while I say that there’s little room to grow when you…

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The Martian by Andy Weir – Reblog Book Review

I was tempted by this book but maybe i’ll pass. I don’t like books that make my head hurt..

Glenn Hates Books


2 of 5 Makes-My-Head-Hurt Stars – The Martian by Andy Weir.

If you like science and math, you will probably love this fucking book. This is part of the reason that I couldn’t stand reading it. So much math, and science and, oh noes, I’m never gonna survive this. But wait, what if I bla bla bla…

I knew just from the description of this book that I definitely couldn’t read it, because it was just one guy’s journey, trying to survive on mars. Where’s the drama? The comedy? The relationships… There are none. It’s just this guy, and his stupid plants. It’s Castaway in space. So, it didn’t interest me as something to read, but I thought I would try the audio book, which some said was even better than the book.

It’s not. The story is the same boring math and science as the book. I mean, I…

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