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Upcoming Releases I’m Getting Excited About

I love the feeling when you pre-order a kindle book and you forget about it… Then you turn your kindle on one day and bam!

At the moment I have 3 books pre-ordered that i’m really looking forward to reading. Let me know what you think and if you know of any upcoming releases you think I should be reading.

1.Spartacus III: The Pharaoh’s Blade (The Spartacus Chronicles Book 3) by Robert Southworth – Release date 12th April 2015


This is the third book in the Spartacus series. I’ve loved both of the previous books and Robert’s other work Wrath of the Furies. Robert has taken one of my favorite characters and given him a new lease of life. As we know Spartacus was a real person.. but do we know for certain when/where/how he died? no we don’t… Robert seized on this and has come up with some exciting adventures for him. I started reading the first book in the series after watching the tv series made by Starz Network and i wasn’t disappointed one bit

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2.The Warlords of Antares (First Contact) by Brian K. Larson. – Release date 10th April 2015


Brian has wrote a number of books which I’ve read so i’m excited to see what he has come up with this time. His writing flows well so If you struggle with your reading like i do Brian’s works would be an excellent choice for you to read. The author himself suffers with dyslexia and i feel this comes across in his writing which is why the books are so easy to read

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3.The Invasion of the Tearling by  Erica Johansen – Release date 16th July 2015


This is the follow up book to The Queen of the Tearling which followed Princess Kelsea Raleigh Glynn who was raised in exile as she reclaims the throne that is rightfully hers

I won’t lie. I really enjoyed the first book. I know some people didn’t but i think that was more to do with the hype of a potential movie starring Emma Watson and the fact the book hadn’t been release yet

The author signed a 7 book deal with the publishers so i’m hoping this series will grow and become something great.

I wouldn’t mind watching the movie with Emma Watson in too I might add 😛

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