The Corpse Role by Keith Nixon – Review


Title – The Corpse Role
Author – Keith Nixon
Genre – Crime Fiction
Length – 182 Pages
Publication – April 2015
My Rating – 5/5 Stars


Not everything that gets buried stays buried… sometimes things have a nasty habit of resurfacing…

When the body of a security van driver implicated in an unsolved £1.2 million heist turns up in a shallow grave two years later it’s just the beginning for Detective Inspector Charlotte Granger.

She embarks on an investigation that takes her into dangerous territory – a world of dirty cops, dodgy private investigators, local villains and nosy journalists. Meanwhile events from Granger’s own past are threatening to come back and haunt her…


Ok I’ve read a couple of Keith’s books before, both works of historical fiction so I wondered how well his writing would adapt to the crime fiction genre. As it turns out Keith has an overall talent for writing regardless of the genre.

The Corpse Role is a crime mystery/thriller focused around DI Charlotte Granger who is investigating a murder that has links to the police. As more bodies turn up the pressure is on Granger to solve this mystery and fast!

One of the best bits about this book is how Keith has written it, you go seamlessly from the present to the past and vice versa. It makes an interesting read and gives you a nice backstory that you don’t fully understand until you finish the story.

As I got near the end of the book I felt I had everything worked out and I understood the motives of all the characters in the tale.. then BAM! Keith saves the best till last!

Credit where credits due..i did not see the outcome of the story at all and it was a perfect ending to a super story.

If you’re a fan of the genre this is a must read!

Please keep an eye on my blog as I plan to do an author spotlight post on Keith in the near future. His works have not only entertained me but engaged my mind to a point where I felt fully absorbed in the tale.. sometimes I look forward to reaching to end of a story.. This can’t be said of Keith’s tales..

I know Keith has a number of other novels under his belt and I plan to add a few more to my pile in the coming months

To find out more about The Corpse Role head to Goodreads, or

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