Red Horse by M.J. Logue – Review

Title – Red Horse (An Uncivil War #1)
Author – M.J. Logue
Genre –  Historical Fiction
Length –  357 Pages (Print)
Publication – Jan 2015
My Rating – 5/5 Stars


September 1642, and the storm clouds of civil war are gathering over England. After the King raises his standard against his rebellious Parliament, idealistic young Luce Pettitt sees his duty clear – to defend the noble cause of freedom against the Royal tyrant. He doesn’t expect that duty to lie with possibly the scruffiest, most disreputable troop of cavalry in the Army of Parliament, commanded by maverick ex-mercenary Hollie Babbitt. Events conspire to bring Hollie and Luce to a wary friendship, in spite of their differences. But in the aftermath of the first bloody battle of the war, will Luce keep faith with his ideals, or his friend?


So the English Civil War isn’t a period I’ve read about before but the cavalry have always fascinated me since I was young so when offered the chance to read this book in exchange for an honest review I jumped at the chance.

Now I’ve read a lot of books that contain war scenes and this book did something different to most.. the author decided to focus on the characters rather than the fight so the action moves quickly and you don’t get bogged down trying to imagine the field of battle. It makes for a smooth following story, rich in detail but just enough to give the story it’s realism.. The best detail in the book is left for the characters in my view.

The two main characters are Hollie and Luce. I won’t lie at first I just didn’t either of them.. they both came across as arrogant..they can only see things from their own perspective.. but you know there’s more to them and it compelled me to keep reading instead of going to bed at a reasonable time… I’m sure my wife loved the bedroom light being on at 2am 🙂

Both of these men a flawed, and brilliantly so. I won’t go into detail as I think it would take something away from the reader. My honest view is that these two work well together and to see them develop throughout the story, egged on by each other was just brilliant.

I loved Babbitt’s troop also, when they were around it helped break up all the Hollie and Luce scenes so kept things fresh for the reader. There is also a special bond throughout the book with man and beast which I just loved. You can’t help getting attached to animals and after reading the book I feel a little attached to Babbitt’s horse Tyburn myself

Some of the author’s best bits were when they showed a particular event from two perspectives. I couldn’t help but find myself smirking at how things can be seen differently.

This all felt like a very real tale, with rich detail that made it come alive. The two main characters worked and developed well off of each other and in all honesty I need more.. book 2 will be added to my TBR list very shortly.

This was a very refreshing read for me.. can’t wait to read more

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