The Jumbee’s Daughter by Jonathan M. Ross – Review

Title –  The Jumbee’s Daughter
Author – Jonathan M. Ross
Genre –  Military Fiction
Length –   186  Pages
My Rating – 3/5 Stars


Enter a boiling cauldron of danger, adventure, romance, and a touch of island magic:

– Ex-Army Ranger Mike Stiles, haunted by the loss of a comrade in combat, can’t settle into civilian life. When his best friend asks for help to break up a drug-smuggling ring on St. Thomas, Mike rushes to his aid. Mike figures the danger will do him some good.

– Anika Hegner, of Danish heritage, has Jumbee blood in her veins, straight from the Dark Continent. Since childhood, she has delighted in shape shifting to a black cat and scaring the unwary. Now, as she struggles to reconcile her dual heritage, she discovers the added distraction of a taciturn veteran who insists on camping on her family’s abandoned estate.

– Ambitious, young drug lord Santiago Morales is expanding the family business from Puerto Rico to backwater St. Thomas. Smuggling, fast cars, and beautiful women are his passions. To celebrate his arrival on the island, he plans to romance a certain local girl and kill a nosy ex-soldier.


This book follows Mike, who has been asked by his friend to help with an investigation into drug smuggling. They have a background of working together in the Army so you can understand why he would call on him for assistance.

The plot of pretty interesting, good guy arrives, bad guy arrives, it’s cat and mouse.. neither knowing if the other knows they are there. Everything builds up to an explosive ending.

The things I enjoyed about this book had to be the military background; it gave some depth to Mike. Add to this the magic within the story and it made a very intriguing book, the idea Anika can shapeshift was great.

What didn’t work for me were the relationships within the book. Mike tries time and time again to explain to his friend he believes he knows where the drug smugglers are landing but even with their army background together he’s just ignored..

For me the relationship between Anika and Mike that develops just doesn’t work.. it happened way too fast

The main bad guy in this story is Santiago Morales, even though I enjoyed his character he just annoyed me. He kept calling Mike the police agent even when he didn’t know that’s what he was.. Mike was hired outside of the police due to a mole.. for all Morales knew he could have just been camping out.

All in all I enjoyed the plot, it’s a slow burner but enjoyable if you don’t mind characters falling head over heels for each other quickly.

The writing itself was very good and easy to follow; I think I’d quite enjoy another book from this author if it has a little less romance.

It’s a quick read too so if you like romance mixed with a bit of action and suspense you’ll enjoy this

My thanks go to the author for the chance to read/review his work.

The Jumbee’s Daughter is out today! To find out more head to Goodreads, or

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