BLOG TOUR – Dead Money by Keith Nixon (Jonah Pennance Crime Thrillers Book 2)

Today I help kick off the blog tour for Dead Money by Keith Nixon. Any follower of my blog will know Keith is a firm favourite of mine 😊

Here’s the blurb

With a reputation for solving bizarre murders Detective Inspector Jonah Pennance, recently transferred to the National Crime Agency, is brought in to investigate the mysterious death of celebrity fund manager, Grady Carnegie – choked to death, then his body arranged and ready for a wake.

Then a second corpse turns up under identical circumstances – that of washed-up investigative reporter, Stan Thewlis. But how are the two men connected?

Soon, Pennance’s partner, Sergeant Simone Smithson, comes under suspicion for the deaths – the evidence seems overwhelming. To save her Pennance must determine what role the shadowy organisation Blackthorn plays and who is in the background, pulling all the strings…


Dead Money is the 2nd book in the Jonah Pennance Crime Thrillers series.. and I’m so glad to be back!

Pennance, who is now with the National Crime Agency Is brought in to help investigate a mysterious death. It’s clear he’s going to have his hands full the moment a 2nd body is discovered.. the only link between them at first is the method of their death..but there must be more.

As the investigation starts to gain pace there’s more than one stumbling block for Pennance to navigate.. Sergeant Simone Smithson for one..,Smithson and Pennance have a history and it’s going to make this investigation that much harder.

I’m never one for spoilers but I loved the method of death, it hooks you in straightaway as an unusual murder which you just have to see through to the end.

The characters are brilliant as ever, Keith Nixon knows how to write that’s for sure and gives a lot of depth to Pennance. He’s a flawed character, swayed by emotions at times but he’s fascinating! I love that he enjoys ruffling feathers along the way ha.

What I really loved was how the author developed characters who didn’t even say a word… the victims, especially Stan Thewlis. You can really see a lot of time was given to writing the plot ensuring a backstory full of intriguing titbits.

Nixon keeps getting better and better, if that’s even possible. All I know is every book he puts out there is a real cracking read that any fan of the genre will love!

Dead Money starts slow, setting the scene… then we are thrust into a world of misdirection as the author masterfully takes us on the investigation with Jonah.. weeding out the truth.

Probably the strongest finishing book from Nixon yet leaving me with a insatiable thirst for more!

5/5 Stars.

To find out more or to purchase head to Goodreads or Amazon (Or any local bookstore 😊 )

My thanks go to the author, the publisher and ZooloosBookTours for having me on the tour and for providing me a copy of the book to aid my review! I’ve already bought my own copy too!

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Author Bio

Keith Nixon is the best-selling author of sixteen novels and one million words in print, including the Margate based Solomon Gray series of over 250,000 copies in circulation and reached no.1 on Amazon in the UK, US, Canada and Australia.

Keith lived near the gritty seaside town of Margate, where many of his novels are based, for 17 years before relocating to the edge of the Peak District with his family where he lives today. Keith works in a senior sales role within a high-tech industry and has regularly travelled all over the globe.

His novels are published by Gladius Press and Bastei Lubbe (German)

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