Knight of the Cross By Steven A. McKay – Review


Title – Knight of the Cross
Author – Steven A. McKay
Genre – Historical Fiction
Length – 103 Pages
Publication – 19th September 2014
My Rating – 5/5


The Knights Hospitaller battle ancient evil in medieval Rhodes as mysterious disappearances and insane devil-worshippers threaten to turn the entire island into a bloodbath…

When three Hospitallers go missing from a local village outraged Grand Master Foulques de Villaret sends the English knight Sir Richard-at-Lee and his trusted sergeant-at-arms Jacob to discover their fate. Met with resistance from frightened locals and rumours of a blasphemous sect performing unspeakable rites beneath the village Sir Richard must overcome not only the devil-worshippers but the faceless, unstoppable demon that stalks his dreams.

Fans of the best-selling Forest Lord books “Wolf’s Head” and “The Wolf and the Raven” will enjoy this spin-off novella that sees the much-loved English knight up against a foe that threatens not just his life and his sanity, but God himself!


First off this is a novella. For anyone who hasn’t read a novella before it’s less pages than a full story but more pages than a short story.

This tale focuses on Sir Richard, If you’ve read Steven’s first two books Wolf’s Head and The Wolf and the Raven you’ll be familiar with the character.

I definitely think the author did the right thing. As such a strong character Sir Richard deserved his own tale.

Ok, so in this story we see Sir Richard tasked to investigate some strange disappearances of not only villagers but also some Hospitallers.

It’s a very intriguing story which gives a great insight in to Steven as an author as he adds in a touch of fantasy with this book which gives it a great twist after reading his other work.

In all honesty it’s well worth the 99p asking price currently on Amazon, well written and even though it’s only 100 or so pages if felt like a much larger tale. Steven managed brilliantly to fit a story into such a small amount of pages.

I’m looking forward to reading and reviewing the authors next book The Rise of the Wolf and especially looking forward to seeing what direction he takes after this.

I felt the added fantasy to this book made it quite unique compared to everything else I’ve read and it will be interesting to see if Steven will continue down these lines or branch out in to something completely different.

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