Odin’s Child: Book One of the Odd Tangle-Hair Saga By Bruce MacBain – Review


Title – Odin’s Child: Book One of the Odd Tangle-Hair Saga (Odd Tangle-Hair Saga #1)
Author – Bruce MacBain
Genre – Historical Fiction
Length – 350 Pages
Publication – May 2015
My Rating – 4/5


An old grudge erupts into violence as Odd Tangle-Hair refuses to back down from the men he believes shamed his father and betrayed their heritage by turning away from the old gods in favor of the White Christ. But when the violence escalates and Odd’s family bears the brunt of it, he must leave his beloved Iceland behind and find his own way in the world. The golden age of Viking conquest is fading when he takes to the seas with his rag-tag crew, but they will voyage to primitive Lapland, war-torn Norway, the magic-drenched forests of Finland, and the borders of Russia, where Odd enlists in the retinue of a renegade prince. Odin’s Child is the first of three books in which Odd recounts his life.


Okay so this book focuses on the life of Odd in 11th century Iceland. Odd’s father along with the rest of the family have falling out of favour with their neighbours during what I can imaging would be a very difficult time with people moving from one religion to another.

You can gather enough from the synopsis of the book to know that Odd gets in a bit of trouble and has to leave his home behind.

I won’t lie I felt a little lost in the first couple chapters. Maybe because I’m not used to reading a work of historical fiction in the first person.. Who knows? After that point the book did pick up pace considerably and I really started to enjoy it.

Odd decides to become a Viking and sale the high sea, make his fortune and return home to set things right.

As you can imagine things don’t always go to plan and we see Odd gather a crew and jump from one big event to another. So much is crammed in to the adventure it makes for a fascinating read although at times I just wanted Odd to calm down and stay put so I could take in everything that had just happened to him. We see him in battles and at one point imprisoned which for me was the best bit of the book as well as the most surreal.

The characters in this book made things really interesting. Glum was a particular favourite of mine.
As you can imagine with a story such as this people will die and I felt there was a great development of some of the friendships/relationships during these events.

It’s a great start to the series, Bruce has wrote a very engaging tale and I’d very much like to see how Odd’s adventure pans out.

To find out more head to Goodreads, Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.com

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