The Bowes Inheritance by Pam Lecky – Review


Title – The Bowes Inheritance
Author – Pam Lecky
Genre – Historical Fiction
Length – 318 Pages (Paperback)
Publication – July 2015
My Rating – 5/5 Stars


Historical Romance with a Dash of Rebellion

Dublin 1882: When determined but impoverished Louisa Campbell inherits a large estate in the north of England, from an uncle she didn’t even know existed, it appears to be the answer to her prayers. Her younger sister, Eleanor, is gravely ill, and believing that the country air will benefit her, they decide to take up residence at Bowes Farm, situated on the Cumberland coast.

However, they soon realise that all they have inherited is trouble. Their uncle had managed to alienate almost everyone in the area and worst of all, was suspected of being a Fenian activist. His reputation leaves Louisa and Eleanor battling to gain acceptance in polite society, especially with Nicholas Maxwell, their handsome neighbour and local magistrate. His father was cheated out of the farm during a card game fifteen years before and he is determined to get the property back.

Louisa unearths secrets from their family’s past that threaten their future while the spectre of their mysterious benefactor overshadows everything. When a Fenian bombing campaign comes close to home, Louisa finds herself a chief suspect and must fight to clear her name. She must dig deep to find the courage to solve the mysteries that Bowes Farm holds before their lives are destroyed. And most importantly of all, will she be able to finally trust and love the man who is surely her sworn enemy?


This book tales the tale of Louisa Campbell who suddenly inherits an estate from her uncle who has recently died. Louisa decides to leave Dublin to set up at Bowes after falling in love with it when she visits.

Along the way she meets a love interest, Nicholas Maxwell. There’s no love lost at the beginning of the novel due to the way in which Louisa’s uncle came to own Bowes.

Pam has written a very intriguing & thrilling story with a bit of romance which kept me hooked right from the prologue.

I won’t spoil the story for anyone but there is love, deceit, tragedy & mystery thrown into this tale.

The characters developed well and the story just felt a perfect fit. Nothing in this book felt forced, the tale had a natural progression which made it one of the most interesting books I’ve had the pleasure to read.

I was worried that the story might have contained more romance that I usually like but this book had the prefect mix. I honestly can’t fault Pam’s storytelling and this being her debut novel I was also highly impressed it how well she engaged me with her writing.

If you enjoy historical fiction or historical romance this book would be perfect for you. The best thing about this tale in all honesty is how easily Pam has managed to write a mystery/thriller with a historical romance theme mixed in.. so much so that I can’t help but feel anyone would enjoy this book.. for me it’s a must read and i’ll definitely be looking out for Pam’s next book!

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