Author Spotlight – Keith Nixon

If you’ve been following my blog you’ll have notice I’ve reviewed a few books by Keith Nixon this year.

I’ve loved every one of them! because of this Keith is next up for the spotlight treatment 🙂

If you’ve not read my reviews of his work please click the pictures below

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Okay so you want to know why I’ve chosen Kieth. Easy.. not only have i enjoyed his work it was great to see an author who writes books covering different genres and does it so well.

Keith seems to have a knack for writing and can shift from historical fiction to crime fiction with ease!

While reading some of his historical fiction work i was amazed how vivid his tales were and how much depth he could give historical and fictional characters and it was so good to see none of this was lost while reading his crime fiction novel The Corpse Role

Keith’s depth of imagination to be able to tell these types of tales so perfectly is amazing and as a reader I’ve been hooked from start to finish with each of his books and that’s just few I’ve read. There are so many more left for me to enjoy!

Today i’d like you to look at his books, give them a go..hopefully you’ll like them just as much as i have..what have you got to loose.

To connect with Keith check out his website, Twitter, or

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