Lokant (The Draykon Series Book 2) by Charlotte E. English – Review


Title – Lokant (The Draykon Series Book 2)
Author – Charlotte E. English
Genre –  Fantasy
Publication – December 2011
My Rating – 5/5 Stars


The long-vanished draykon race has been restored to the Seven Realms, and the mystery of the istore stone is resolved. But Lady Eva Glostrum returns to Glour City with many questions unanswered. Who are the enigmatic sorcerers who woke the draykon? Their powers are beyond anything she has ever known. With one dead and one vanished – literally – Eva has little to go on save a book taken from a mysterious tower in the Lowers, its cover marked with the strange word “Lokant.”

Llandry Sanfaer is anxious to learn more about the glorious draykoni, whose story is so inexplicably bound up with her own. But when she brings another draykon back from the Long Sleep, she finds she has made a grave mistake. Worse, a white-haired sorcerer with a talent for mind control is stalking her across the Worlds…

As war builds between humankind and draykoni, Eva must uncover the identities of the sinister white-haired practitioners – and come to terms with the truth of her own heritage.

And Llandry must learn why she appears to be their primary target…


This is the second book in the Draykon series and I absolutely loved the first. I’m just ashamed it’s taken me so long to get round to reading this one..

So we are back in the wonderful world of the Seven Realms and the troubles revolving around Llandry Sanfaer who discovered a mysterious stone which has caused so many problems. The Draykoni are an ancient race long thought extinct.. not any more….

Charlotte builds perfectly on from the established characters and events of the first book but so much more is added, more characters to enjoy and we get to know a lot more about the Draykoni history. Things start to piece together in places and you can see the big picture starting to form.

This book was a great chance for the author to work on the character development and it paid off big time.. we see the relationship between Tren and Eva develop. The storyline that unfolds for these two was brilliant.. frustrating and brilliant.. You just want to bang their heads together. What made it so go is you get to see things from each prospective which makes it easier to understand why they act the way they do.

One of the things I like the most about Charlotte’s stories is she isn’t scared of making a reader work, names and places you have to pronounce that make your brain work.. It’s not dumbed down. She also has a great way of making the characters personality come out in her writing, for example whenever you read a passage where Eva is talking you can always detect the slight superiority she has about herself. This makes it great to read as you can actually imagine the conversation happening rather than just reading the words… it makes reading it more fun.

The best addition to the book is Pensould, a Draykon, I won’t spoil him for you but his no nonsense approach has left me hoping he plays a bit part in the next book.

The other character I really enjoyed is named Krays, who gives fresh life to the tale and lots more mystery.. This man has motives we don’t fully understand and I can’t wait to get to grips with book 3 to find out more about him.

It’s very hard to write a review for this book as I don’t want to give anything away but if you like fantasy & mystery this is the series for you. This is exactly what I want from a fantasy book.

Ok.. if you haven’t heard of the Draykon series I urge you to have a look on Amazon.. It’s first book is free so why not give it a go? Links here to Amazon.co.uk & Amazon.com

What I did was read the first book then purchased the box set of 3 books, it offers better value and is definitely worth it.

Charlotte has solidified her place as a favourite author of mine so look out in 2016 for more reviews of her work 🙂

To find out more about Lokant head to Goodreads, Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.com

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