Dead Eyes by Nick Brown – Review

Title – Dead Eyes
Author – Nick Brown
Genre – Science Fiction
Length –   34 Pages
Publication – April 2016
My Rating – 5/5 Stars


Three futuristic short stories from ‘Agent of Rome’ author Nick Brown.

‘Dead Eyes’ – an explorer and his crew face a deadly threat upon a remote world.
‘Four Numbers’ – a female soldier finds herself trapped by a relentless force.
‘Afflict’ – a mysterious visitor has a singular offer for the people of Earth.


First off I’m a fan of Nick’s work but if you’ve read any of his work like me you’ll know him as a historical fiction what a nice surprise to see him turn his hand to a different genre.

Nick is a brilliant writer of short stories and these three tales confirm that for me. I often feel what’s the point when reading short stories.. they’re too short or don’t hook you in..NOT SO WITH THIS ONE!

The author manages to make you feel like you’ve read more than you have, it feels complete.. but at the same time he leaves you wanting more from him.

I’m slightly biased since I enjoy Nick’s work but I honestly feel if you want to write a short story you should read his as a starter.. he’s not got in wrong yet for me.

This book consists of three tales, my favourite being “Four Eyes” although I liked them all. They were all well written to engage the reader and it’s amazing how the author can catch the imagination of someone like me within 30+ pages.. it’s not a lot of time to make the reader happy but I certainly was.

If you enjoy Nick’s books.. read this one, If you’ve never heard of Nick before…read this book. You’ll see just how good Nick’s short tales can be.

It’s a perfect quick read that delivers a science fiction nut like myself the enjoyment I’m after

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