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Marik’s Way by Nick Brown (@randomrome) – Review

Next up for review is Marik’s Way by Nick Brown.

Here’s the blurb.

Genre – Fantasy

My rating – 5/5 Stars

Stay out of trouble.
Though this is Marik’s mantra, he rarely seems able to follow it. Having escaped a brutal civil war in his native South, the former soldier now roams the distant North, trying to forget his past and forge some kind of future. Marik suspects he is paying the price for the moment of weakness that caused him to flee his comrades and family and everything he knew. Because however hard he tries, intrigue and danger are never far away …
After an unlikely series of events see him employed as a bodyguard, Marik survives a terrifying shipwreck and washes up on a distant shore. He finds himself in the Salka Delta, an isolated region of islands and marshes. Here, a mercenary named Reverrik has enslaved the local people and Marik is soon recruited by a tiny band of rebels. As well as traitors and outlandish creatures, he also faces Hammerhand, a giant enforcer feared by all.
Staying out of trouble is never easy.


I’m familiar with the authors work so when I noticed a new fantasy novel out it was a no-brainer to buy a copy.

Marik’s got a past and that’s exactly where he wants to leave it..the past.

As a former soldier there’s only a few work options open to him but he doesn’t have the best of luck.. trouble seems to find him no matter what.

Some unfortunate events lead Marik to a point where he finally thinks things are starting to look up for him..boy was he wrong..he only goes and get himself shipwrecked..

He survives against the odds .. time to relax you’d think? No chance.

Marik finds himself in a small village.. the more he looks the more he notices the strange looks..people here clearly don’t have much and they seem to be a little on edge at times..but why?

A mercenary named Reverrik has the people scared witless..many have died at his command and others enslaved to do his bidding.

As much as Marik doesn’t want to get involved he just can’t help himself.

From here Marik sets out on a journey to meet up with a known band of rebels.. the plan.. take down Reverrik forever.. but not everyone is on the same side..

Marik’s Way is a fast paced, action packed fantasy adventure full of twists. The author manages to paint a vivid image of the events that play out, at times bloody and gruesome..it’s an epic ride so perfectly paced you can’t help but get sucked in.

To find out more head to Amazon or Goodreads

10 Questions With…… Nick H. Brown

Ok folks so today Nick Brown released a new book containing 3 science fiction short stories called Dead Eyes (You can find my review here)

After reading the book i had a few questions on my mind which Nick very kindly offered to answer.. take a look


Q1 – So Nick, you have a new book out and it’s not a Historical Fiction book like we might have expected… What made you decide to write a Science Fiction book?

I’ve always written sci fi – in fact I wrote two novels before I even considered historical fiction. I enjoy having a blank slate to start with and the freedom that the genre gives you. This is just a short ebook but I might look to write a full novel in the near future.

Q2 – The book is made up of three short stories, all of which I thought were brilliant. You have a talent for writing short stories, you give enough of a story to make the reader happy and feel they take something away with them but hold back enough to encourage your readers to come back to you for more. Where do your ideas come from? Are they simply bigger ideas that don’t really come to full fruition?

Thank you. I try my best to resolve the stories in a compelling way. That doesn’t always mean a twist but really it’s not so different to a novel – the story just has to move a little more swiftly and reach a satisfying conclusion. The ideas come at different times. ‘Four Numbers’, for example, I wrote specifically for the collection. Whenever I have an idea for something, I note it down – I might come back to it the following week or five years later.

Q3 –Are there any particular books or authors you’ve enjoyed within the Sci Fi genre?

I’ve always been a big fan of Iain M. Banks and Douglas Hill, a Canadian author.

Q4 – Are there any other genres you might try your hand at one day?

Possibly fantasy; and I’d like to try something contemporary at some point.

Q5 – Who have been your biggest influences/supporters within the writing community?

Writers are very supportive of each in general and we can add to that bloggers and reviewers like yourself who are now a crucial part of the writing world. I also belong to the Historical Writers Association and have many friends in the industry who I keep in touch with via social media. When meeting in ‘the real world’, a few beers are usually involved.

Q6 – How important to you is the feedback from your readers?

I’m always very interested in what readers have to say and I can’t help reading every review. Fortunately most are positive! I don’t think I would ever alter anything because of feedback unless there was an obvious theme. Everyone has an opinion – including editors and agents. Of course I always listen to them but it’s very important as a writer to know your own mind.

Q7 – How do you deal with negative feedback?

Violence! No, honestly, if I read something that strikes a chord then it could be something to learn from. But usually I just disagree and swear about it! Over time you get used to it but unfortunately they tend to stick in your mind more than the positive comments.

Q8 – For anyone who is not familiar with Agent of Rome books how you would describe the series to them?

The series follows Roman ‘security service’ officer Cassius Corbulo – plus his ex-gladiator bodyguard Indavara and Christian servant Simo. Their adventures have taken them all over the eastern Empire and – hopefully – combine mystery, action and intrigue.

Q9 – If you had to pick, which of your books would you say you’ve most enjoyed writing or which are you most proud of and why?

I really enjoyed writing ‘The Far Shore’ – the third book of the Roman series. I suspect it was because I knew it was working out well. Like all novels, it turned out differently to the original conception but it was exciting to write and hopefully that translated for the reader.

As for ‘most proud’ – that probably goes to book two, ‘The Imperial Banner’. Second novels are traditionally difficult and this one took the series in a different direction. I was also working as a teacher and had less time due to the publishing deadline.

Q10 – Future plans? More Sci Fi? I’m sure we’d all like to know what you’ve got planned.

More sci fi, I hope; and some historical fiction too. Watch this space!

To connect with Nick head to his website, Twitter, Goodreads, Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.com

Dead Eyes by Nick Brown – Review

Title – Dead Eyes
Author – Nick Brown
Genre – Science Fiction
Length –   34 Pages
Publication – April 2016
My Rating – 5/5 Stars


Three futuristic short stories from ‘Agent of Rome’ author Nick Brown.

‘Dead Eyes’ – an explorer and his crew face a deadly threat upon a remote world.
‘Four Numbers’ – a female soldier finds herself trapped by a relentless force.
‘Afflict’ – a mysterious visitor has a singular offer for the people of Earth.


First off I’m a fan of Nick’s work but if you’ve read any of his work like me you’ll know him as a historical fiction writer..so what a nice surprise to see him turn his hand to a different genre.

Nick is a brilliant writer of short stories and these three tales confirm that for me. I often feel what’s the point when reading short stories.. they’re too short or don’t hook you in..NOT SO WITH THIS ONE!

The author manages to make you feel like you’ve read more than you have, it feels complete.. but at the same time he leaves you wanting more from him.

I’m slightly biased since I enjoy Nick’s work but I honestly feel if you want to write a short story you should read his as a starter.. he’s not got in wrong yet for me.

This book consists of three tales, my favourite being “Four Eyes” although I liked them all. They were all well written to engage the reader and it’s amazing how the author can catch the imagination of someone like me within 30+ pages.. it’s not a lot of time to make the reader happy but I certainly was.

If you enjoy Nick’s books.. read this one, If you’ve never heard of Nick before…read this book. You’ll see just how good Nick’s short tales can be.

It’s a perfect quick read that delivers a science fiction nut like myself the enjoyment I’m after

To find out more head to Goodreads, Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.com

The Siege (Agent of Rome #1) by Nick Brown – Review


Title – The Siege (Agent of Rome #1)
Author – Nick Brown
Genre – Historical Fiction
Length – 390 Pages (Paperback)
Publication – 19th Jan 2012
My Rating – 5/5 Stars

270 AD. Rome has ruled Syria for more than three centuries but now the weakened empire faces a desperate threat. Queen Zenobia of Palmyra has turned her Roman-trained army against her former masters and the once invincible legions have been crushed. Arabia, Palestine, and Egypt have fallen and now Antioch, Syria’s capital, stands exposed. A young intelligence agent fresh from officer training, Cassius Corbulo is the only ranking Roman officer left in the line of the Palmyran advance. He must take command of the fort of Alauran, the last stronghold still in Roman hands, and hold it until reinforcements arrive. What Cassius finds at Alauran would daunt the most seasoned veteran, let alone a 19 year-old with no experience of war. A mere scattering of divided and demoralized legionaries remain, backed up by some fractious Syrian auxiliaries and a drunken Praetorian Guardsman. With the Palmyrans just days away, Cassius must somehow find the discipline, resourcefulness and courage to organize the garrison, save Alauran and secure Rome’s eastern frontier.


I was kindly gifted a copy of the book for review and I can honestly say I’m so pleased I was!
First off.. just look at the artwork on the cover. Without even reading the outline of the story I was already interested in getting to grips with this one.

The book follows Cassius Corbulo. He’s a member of the imperial security service and thinks he will most likely spend his days sitting behind a desk not really getting his hands dirty.. How wrong he is.
Corbulo is the most senior officer out in the Syrian Desert with the rank equivalent to Centurion. His orders are to head to Alauran a strategic position due to the water and food supplies held within.

Immediately he faces trouble. Not only is he fresh from training and a very young man but he’s part of the ISS.. How on earth will he get these men to follow his orders… simple he doesn’t tell them 🙂

These men are a disorganised bunch since their last Centurion died some time ago and letting them know he actually isn’t a Centurion would just make things worse.

Quickly we are introduced to some characters you know will play a big part in the story. I never like to spoil a story so I’ll leave it for you to read but Corbulo has his work cut out for him getting this bunch of soldiers ready and able.

Corbulo knows relief is on its way but he knows the Palmyrans could turn up at any moment and he needs to get the men prepared.

Now the book focuses a lot on the relationships between the men under Corbulo, it really is the meat of the book for me and it was great. You see the men grow to appreciate the order brought by having Corbulo in charge while still seeing the men as individuals rather than mindless drones. While getting to grips with the men we also hear about the Praetorian Guardsman who doesn’t seem like he’ll be helping with the defence of Alauran anytime soon. If only they could sober him up! Corbulo needs every man to fight!

From here the action switches from Corbulo’s point of the view to the Palmyrans. This broke up the book nicely for me but kept me reading as I needed to find out what happened next..

The Palmyrans are now advancing on Alauran. We see them lead attack after attack against our heros. Both sides suffer loss.. I myself was left with my month left open wide with some of the losses.
There is a lengthy build up to the final battle and for me the ending didn’t disappoint. I had high hopes for the ending and It didn’t play out exactly as I thought but the characters involved were there and that was exactly what I wanted to see.

I wouldn’t change a single thing with this book in all honesty; it was a cracking read and has left me wanting more. As it happens my birthday is this month so I’ve hinted to the family I want at least the next two books in the series  🙂

Everything about the book just worked for me, it was well written and Nick kept me reading even when I needed to go to sleep. The story never got dull in my eyes when it so easily could have. The best thing about this book has to be the characters. I hard story to give a bit of depth but it certainly thought they were brilliant and i’m excited for more from Nick.

Nick has just released book 5 in the series so I have some catching up to do but I’m looking forward to it.

To find out more about this book head to Goodreads, Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.com