The Silver Portal by David J. Normoyle – Review

Title – The Silver Portal (Weapons of Power, #1)
Author – David J. Normoyle
Genre –  Fantasy/Young Adult
Length –   320 Pages
Publication – 9th august 2016
My Rating – 4/5 Stars


The Lord Protector’s red clerics have become entrenched throughout Mageles, leaving only pockets of resistance. As a desperate last resort, a group of wizards concocted the weapons of power. Their spell misfired and, instead of going to the five chosen warriors, the weapons end up in the hands of an aspiring adventurer, a reluctant warrior, a street rat, a conflicted pacifist, and a pampered noblegirl. Separated by a continent and pursued by magic-wielding clerics, the young weaponbearers must find each other—but first they must find themselves.

An epic coming of age fantasy bursting with magic and adventure, The Silver Portal is the first book in the Weapons of Power series. Set in a richly drawn world with an intricate magic system, The Silver Portal will delight lovers of page-turning sword and sorcery fantasy.


This tale is a nice coming of age fantasy aimed perfectly towards the young adult market.

So this book follows the five chosen warriors.. why they were chosen we don’t truly know.. was it a mistake or is there more to these five than we might think.

Where this book really ticked the boxes for me was with the writing itself. Too many times I see a plot dumbed down too much.. This one didn’t feel like that. While the plot isn’t too complex it was nice to see it just didn’t follow a straight line.. it jumped from one person’s perspective to another and they each have their own tale rather than just one collective group tale.

The five main characters themselves are pretty interesting  with their own individuality and backstory. I really enjoyed the supporting cast too.. the idea of some people possessing magic and others not, the possible conflict this could force is an idea I really like.

I have to admit I didn’t really make too many note on this one, I was too busy enjoying the tale which is fast paced at times but very enjoyable

David J. Normoyle has left a lot of space for this team to grow and I’d be interested to see how this series plays out

Honest opinion, this book is perfectly written for the young adult. Each of the characters is young  and you can see they have some growing up to do and if the series does well its readers will grow up with them

There’s a little violence, nothing too bad or graphic but it will be interesting to see how this changes if the five get the chance to use their weapons of power more.

Good plot, Good characters and plenty of space for the series to grow means it hits the right spot with me

The book is out today..take a look!

To find out more head to Goodreads, or

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