Guest Blog – JJ Sherwood – Character Interview – Kings or Pawns Blog Tour

Today i bring to you something a little different..a first for my blog. I’ve opened my blog to the awesome JJ. Sherwood to host a interview with a couple of the characters from her book Kings or Pawns, if you’ve not read my review yet click here 🙂

Without further delay…here we go

Hey Soplings! Today we have a special interview where I sat down with Itirel and Sellemar to ask them some pressing questions that you, as fans, have been nagging me about. Well, I don’t have the answers, but these two do!

JJ Sherwood: Welcome Itirel, Sellemar. It’s a pleasure to have you two back for an interview—and together, no less! What a treat!

Itirel: Why thank you for the opportunity, JJ.

Sellemar: Thank you.

JJ: Let’s start with you, Sellemar. People often wonder about your identity and by association, Itirel’s. In Kings or Pawns, Alvena romanticizes that you look like the statue of the legendary king, Ephraim. How do you feel about this? And, if you were Ephraim, who then would be Itirel?

Sellemar: I assume by feel you mean think. I think it is a silly notion fantasized by a child. But on that note, who would not wish to be Ephraim? He was respected and unparalleled in talent. And wealthy: as opposed to myself. Who currently lives in a rundown flea mine.

Itirel: *chuckles*

Sellemar: *glares at Itirel* As for Itirel, he would be my servant. Because if I was Ephraim I would be a king and as such, I would certainly need servants. He could be… a cleric in service of Sel’ari and his job would be to pray and heal me during battle. And cook, because as a king you must overwork your servants or they will find time to invent notions for gossip. As Alvena clearly has.

JJ: Well, I can’t say I’d be eager to serve you if you were king. But, speaking of kings, let’s touch on the True Bloods. We know Sellemar has a uniquely close relationship with their royal family, in particular King Sairel—how about you, Itirel? What is your relationship with the True Bloods?

Itirel: I consider myself to be very fortunate to be able to call the True Blood royals my allies. Their friendship and generosity has been a boon in these difficult times—both for myself and those I seek to aid.

JJ: That’s very interesting. How did you two meet? Was it through the True Bloods?

*Same time* Sellemar: Yes.

*Same time* Itirel: No. *Itirel looks reproachfully at Sellemar* I will answer this question on Sellemar’s behalf because it seems he is determined to take the easy way out of answering. In fact, the story took place as follows: near Sellemar’s place of birth, there is a glade through which a small river flows. In the heat of one summer, Sellemar’s father bathed in this spring, unaware of a northern human settlement which had taken to dumping the bodies of their plagued into this same river. He became gravely ill and healer after healer was called upon to save him—but they too succumbed to the illness. At this time, Ilra saw fit that I should pass through this city and, upon hearing of the people’s misfortune, there I remained until the plague was no more. As I spent time with Sellemar’s father, I too became acquainted with Sellemar himself. When I was preparing to depart for a dangerous mission, Sellemar asked to accompany me as payment for his father’s health. And we have had many adventures since.

JJ: Oh, what a fantastic story! Sellemar, you would have robbed us of that?

Sellemar: *Shrugs*

JJ: *Sighs* Ok, let’s move on—Itirel mentioned Ilra as the god whom he serves. Sellemar, you, as we all know, serve Sel’ari. Are you a cleric of her order then, as is suggested in Kings or Pawns?

Sellemar: *Irritably* One need not be a cleric to be religious.

JJ: Well… it’s just that there are other signs… you know…

Sellemar: …What other signs?
JJ: Well… I mean… I’m mostly thinking about women.

Sellemar: Women?

JJ: Yes. Well, you… seem a bit oblivious to their existence. In Heroes or Thieves, you hardly seem aware of Ilsevel’s advances. So I was just wondering if you had taken a vow of celibacy…

Sellemar: *Flushes* No. I—I do not—have not. I just simply am above the seductive wiles of lonely females.


Sellemar: What?

Itirel: Nothing. I was only thinking that this was the time to take the easy way out of answering.

JJ: Er, this is where we should take an intermission—*cough*before Sellemar walks out on me*cough*! But we’ll continue with Part II of their interview on August 26th at! 

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