Sovereign’s Wake by Lee LaCroix – Review

Title –  Sovereign’s Wake
Author – Lee LaCroix
Genre – Fantasy
Length –    348 Pages
Publication – Nov 2015
My Rating – 4/5 Stars


A kingdom crumbles without its ruler. The people fall to misery and desperation in the shadow of an empty throne. A father does what he must to save his son and his homeland in the absence of kings. Enter Garreth, ranger and former royal bodyguard, who embarks from his woodland home after defending it from the encroaching loggers of the Blackwoods Company. “The King is dead!” they had screamed at Garreth and drove the man to the capital of Amatharsus to resolve the most troubling statement in Malquia’s recent history. Together with his son, Novas, and daughter of a murdered blacksmith, Kayten, Garreth is hounded by bandits, cutthroats, and highwaymen, unleashed upon the countryside by the abolition of the Crown Aegis, defenders of the King, his land, and his people. Garreth unites with the remnants of the Crown Aegis to overcome the military, political, and economic oppression that the Blackwoods Company has imposed on Amatharsus and incites rebellion before the free people of Malquia succumb to crippling recession and the environmental destruction of their verdant nation. But can one man find the strength to challenge overwhelming odds when all hope is lost?

Sovereign’s Wake is the first installment of the debut Fantasy series, In the Absence of Kings, by author Lee LaCroix.


The book starts at a slow pace as we learn about two of the main characters, Nova and his father Garreth. I felt this part of the book was so well descriptive… it felt effortless to read and enjoy

The pace soon picks up and you are thrust into this new world along with Nova who has never set foot outside the woodland

Now this is a fantasy book I could really get to grips with.. After the King dies tyranny is commonplace.. the little man Is down trodden but why does the Queen let this happen?

Garreth is loyal to the King and was tasked to watch over some preserve it.. when the Blackwoods encroach on this land Garreth learns the fate of his King and sets out to find out why the Queen would allow such a precious area to the King to be torn down..

We soon learn there’s a lot more going on.. people are being robbed & murdered.. the Blackwoods are behind this.. They are leaving nothing in their wake

Along the way we meet Kayten, strong willed.. she has passion in her blood and joins Garreth and Nova after the death of her father. Together they head to the city to get answers

These answers come pretty quick.. and I won’t spoil anything for you.. the action is thick and rest given.

Garreth finds himself a rebel and must bring the people together to fight for their survival.

The tale had a Robin Hood type of feel to it which I really loved.

As I’ve said the book picks up pace quite a bit which didn’t leave much time for the connections between the characters to grow as naturally as I would have liked to see but with such a fast paced plot you can see why the author went down this route and it certainly didn’t take anything away from the story

Overall I loved the plot and the characters, everything developed nicely albeit quickly at times but this just added to the urgency of the mission the rebels have undertaken.

For me the best thing really was the writing.. I knew within the first chapter I would enjoy the story

I’ve high hopes for the next book in the series.. look out for a review soon 🙂

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