Bernicia Chronicles – What’s next? @MatthewHarffy

Hopefully by now you’ve read the first two books in the impressive series by Matthew Harffy.









If not click the images above to open a new window to my reviews so you can see what you’re missing out on 🙂

The great news is book three will be out in December! check out my review of Blood and Blade by clicking the image below!


So what’s next i hear to cry.. well the good news for us is that two more books are planned for 2017!

First off we have a novella – Kin of Cain but also book four in the Bernicia Chronicles Killer of Kings!

Both are available now for pre-order. Click the images to head to Amazon for more details


I ordered my copies at 1.30am this morning after the kids woke me up…no excuses.. order your copy today 🙂

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