Torc by Eamonn Griffin (@eamonngriffin) – Review

Title – Torc
Author – Eamonn Griffin
Genre – Young Adult/Historical Fiction
Publication – 1st Oct 2016
Pages – 258 Pages – Paperback
My Rating – 5/5 Stars


The west coast of Scotland, present day. Ailsa’s world is threatened when the future of the hotel she calls home comes under threat. She’s saddled with her cousin Tom for the day while the adults talk, but Ailsa has a plan that might just save their way of life. The same village, two thousand years earlier. Iona, daughter of clan chief Duer, is given a vital errand; a Roman incursion into their homelands is rumoured, and a scout has not returned. Iona’s task is to complete the scouting mission. The two girls’ lives become entangled through time; linked by their shared homelands, their dreams, and an artefact that binds them together across the centuries.


Torc was a lovely read from start to finish. It’s a YA book but can be enjoyed by older adults just as much.

We have a tale focused around an item called a Torc. A Torc is a piece of jewellery and I must admit, until now I’ve never heard of the word but I’m sure many like me will know what they are once you look them up. It’s not a word I’ll forget now :).

Ailsa stumbles upon this Torc hidden beneath a skull but why was it buried??

Well many years before another young girl Iona is living her life. Unbeknownst to her the Roman advance is about to change her life forever.

The story continues, each chapter changing the focus from Ailsa to Iona and back. I really enjoyed how the author managed to intertwine the two lives.

I think what the author got spot on was the descriptiveness of the book. Written in such a way as not to bombard the younger readers but to stoke their imagination and ignite a love of history I think we all have in us if we find the right point in time.

The big surprise for me was the ending. Did the Torc really connect the two girls physically or was this all just Ailsa’s childhood imagination?

For me I felt perhaps Alisa was imagining the events that could have played out in order to deal with the pressure of finding the item. She knows a discovery like this could change many things about where she lives..and not all will be for the better. She’s torn inside as to what to do and I feel this connection with the item is what helps her come to the decision she does in the end. It was really good to see the character deal with the dilemma in the way she did.

Overall Torc is a very family friendly tale, super easy to read but also very informative at the same time. It plants the seeds to hook young readers in to the world of history and the possibility of untold and unknown stories of the past.

I must also comment on the cover for this one, loved it! This one definitely looks good on my bookshelf.

Have a look!

To find out more head to Goodreads or Amazon

My thanks go to the author for the chance to read/review their work.

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