David’s Book Blurg is 2 years old!

Well this has come around fast hasn’t it… 2 years! where has the time gone.

First off i just have to say a quick thank you to those who have supported my blog. In what seems like a tight community bloggers I feel I’ve been made very welcome.

I’m very very proud of the growth in these two years. Compared to year 1 i had an extra 5000+ views. I’m no expert..I’m just reading books for the love of it, so to find so many of you interested so amazing to me.

So what have i learned for last year. Well first off..If you’re thinking of becoming a blogger…Do it! I’ve never felt better. Go back a few years and all I would do is sit and watch TV all day.. no more!

My biggest tip would just be honest..Don’t read books that don’t interest you as you’ll just not enjoy it and I’ve seen too many bloggers stop over that past year as they just seemed to lose the passion for it.

The next thing I’ve learnt the hard way is to not over extend.. I’ve committed myself to too many books during 2016 so this year I’m limiting how many I say yes to. I feel bad but i can only read so much and requests are about double my reading rate.

I have to admit though my love for books grows everyday at the moment, the covers, the plots, the characters, the authors.. there’s so much to explore and I’m looking forward to more.

My main focus for this year is to tidy up my filing system and to prepare and schedule reviews when possible. Sometimes I need to put the books down and do some admin ha ha.

Thanks again for following my blog, it’s very much appreciated!

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