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Time for something a bit different today.. not a book review most certainly book related. Who doesn’t love a book related gift?

I was contacted by Melissa at Literary Book Gifts asking If I’d be able to do a review of their products.. at this point I’m going to make it clear I DIDN’T get any products for free..that’s just not me..even when I receive ARCs I still pay for a copy on release..I know it’s not a massive thing but I want everyone to know what you see on my blog I paid for.

So you might be wondering what I decided to buy.. Well I got myself a lovely tee below!


Now I’m always worried about buying most people we stick to brands or websites we know and I’ve had a bad experience when I bought from the US in the past..literally such poor quality it nearly put me off trying someone else.. so was I happy with my purchase??

Hell yes, the tee itself is super comfy. I’ve sat around in the house in it and even wore it on a hot 4 hour train journey just to see how it would feel and I’ve got no complaints.


So what about the quality of the design..well to be honest it was better than I could have expected.

Coming from overseas you’d think it might take a while to arrive but from order to delivery it took 10 days which I’m more than happy with.

I can’t comment on all the products available obviously but I’m happy to say I loved my purchase and look forward to wearing it again.

In exchange for my honest opinion on my blog I’ve been offered a promo code of anyone who fancies a purchase, just use the code DAVIDSBOOKBLURG20 at check out!

Here’s some of the things I like on the site..

If you are interested you can find the website here – Literary Book Gifts

Do let me know what you think of the designs.

Overall I’m super happy with what I got and I’ll keep an eye on the website to see what else becomes available.. I’m hoping other bookish gifts like mugs and bookmarks..I can’t get enough of those 🙂

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