David’s Book Blurg’s Top Choices for 2019

Ok.. so there’s still time for some last minute gifts so I want to share my top picks! These are just some of the books I’ve read/listened to this year! Click the pictures to head to Amazon to have a look in detail!

  1. Are you an audiobook fan? If so you’ve got to get Lucia by Steven A McKay. It’s a gut wrenching slaves tale set in Roman times.51cHfw39UnL._SX342_
  2. Fancy a delicious new mystery novel? then look no further than No Stone Unturned by Pam Lecky. (Currently at the bargain price of ยฃ0.99 on Kindle!)46203408._SY475_
  3. Do you like a police procedural kind of novel and like flawed leads? Well The Silent Dead by Keith Nixon is the book for you.47969376._SY475_
  4. Enjoy a bit of Science Fiction without the word count? Take a look at The Bastard Cadre by Lee Carlon!415GhUysFtL
  5. Like a bit of a historical read.. ever heard of the Hittites? look no further than Empires of Bronze by Gordon Doherty.51Odsq2iUkL
  6. Not quite sure what you are after? Fancy more than one book? Well why not get a boxset of goodness? Check out forged in Fire, a set which includes books by authors Prue Batten, Simon Turney and Gordon Doherty 5168XFNxseL


There’s so many good books out there.. these are just a few of the hundreds i’d happily recommend so do check out my reviews and see if anything takes your fancy.

Do get in touch and let me know what book gifts you give and receive this year ๐Ÿ™‚

7 thoughts on “David’s Book Blurg’s Top Choices for 2019

  1. Pam Lecky

    Hey David โ€“ a lovely surprise to see No Stone made your top reads. Really chuffed โ€“ has made my week. Thanks for all you do for us authors โ€“ wishing you and yours a lovely Christmas.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bairdy1985 Post author

      See now I feel bad that I haven’t got one of your books up there.. ha. It’s too hard to pick which is why I usually dont do posts like this. Your books are amazing too.. you know how much I enjoy them ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Prue Batten

    Thank you so much for promoting the boxed set as a good read, David. We writers are more than grateful to you on so many levels. Have a great Christmas!



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