Legionary: Dark Eagle Giveaway!!!


So today I’ve got an exciting giveaway planned! To celebrate the latest release from author Gordon Doherty I’m planning to give one lucky winner a chance to get a paperback copy of the book, brand new..paid for out of my hard earned money.. That’s just how much I love this series! !



Click the picture to find out more about the book!


Are you a kindle fan? If so I’ve got you covered! If you want the kindle version I’ll even gift you a copy of Gordon’s other works… Empires of Bronze : Son of Ishtar and Strategos & Born in the Borderlands as well as a copy of Dark Eagle! You may wonder why I’m doing this.. well it’s very simple..I love these books and they deserved to be shared. What’s the catch? Well I’m using Rafflecopter so click here to enter 🙂 – I want to win!  

Now I have to give you some blurb.. just so it’s clear.. This competition is being run by me and not the author.

The competition will run until 1st March so get yourself involved!

There is only 1 prize available, either a paperback or the kindle bundle.

If you’d like the paperback you must be in the UK and if you want the kindle bundle you must be registered with either Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk.

The winner will be announced on Twitter 2nd March and will be notified via email.

I think that’s it! Get entering! I want to win!  

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