Footprints in the Sand (The Lucy Lawrence Mysteries Book 2) by Pam Lecky – Review

Today I’m going to be reviewing Footprints in the Sand (The Lucy Lawrence Mysteries Book 2) by Pam Lecky.

Here’s the blurb

Cairo 1887: A melting pot of jealousy, lust and revenge. Who will pay the ultimate price?

Lucy Lawrence throws caution to the wind and embarks on a journey of self-discovery to the land of the pharaohs.

Travelling to Cairo as the patron of the charming French Egyptologist, Armand Moreau, Lucy discovers an archaeological community plagued by professional rivalries and intrigue. It is soon apparent that the thriving black market in antiquities threatens Egypt’s precious heritage.

When the Egyptian Museum is burgled, Lucy is determined to solve the case, much to the annoyance of the local inspector of police, and the alarm of Mary, her maid. But when an archaeologist is found murdered in the Great Pyramid, Lucy is catapulted into the resulting maelstrom. Can she keep her wits about her to avoid meeting a similar fate?


First off.. have you read book 1 in the series? No Stone Unturned. You don’t need to in order to read Footprints in the Sand but it would certainly help you understand Lucy and her motivations.

After the death of her husband Charlie and the events that followed it’s time for Lucy to find herself.. to enjoy herself a little..lord know she needs it.

Lucy’s quite an independent woman… at a point in time when this would be highly looked down upon. It’s the whole Men do the real work kind of thing but Lucy pulls no punches and doesn’t listen to these silly views.. she will do exactly what she wants. She’s a little headstrong too at times which isn’t always a good thing for her.. impulsive and that leads to trouble.

When Lucy meets Armand Moreau she’s captivated not only by him but also his profession.. he’s an archaeologist working in Egypt.. the whole idea fascinates Lucy and with no one waiting for her to come home to she decides to be a patron of Moreau and agrees to accompany him on the dig.

Soon a theft occurs.. and a black market in goods becomes clear.. is this really a good place for Lucy to be?

Things soon become even worse when a body is found in the Great Pyramid and the murder weapon is… oh well I’ll let you find that out ha.

There’s twists and turns along the way, some subtle..some quite glaringly obvious but Lucy needs to put the pieces together to understand the events and the meanings behind them.

Why doesn’t she just go to the Police you ask? Well she quite fancies herself as a amateur detective.. and more so she wants to prove she’s capable of anything she puts her mind too.. sod what anyone else thinks.

I really enjoyed the plot and the final twist in the tale. It’s paced well and I loved the characters and their development..everyone seemed to get their fair share of the limelight.

For me Footprints in the Sand is a fun and easy’ll flow through it like a hot knife through’s just written in a way it’s effortless to just get sucked in.

Pam Lecky is really good at writing female lead novels which I find I really enjoy.. her characters have their good and bad points.. that makes them human.. you can’t be perfect after all.

What also shined through is Pam’s commitment to the subject as she balanced the plot perfectly with tit bits of information to show she researched well. Archaeology and Egypt have always fascinated me so It was lovely to see she didn’t skim on this but neither overegged it.. spot on.

A fun and fresh series I’m very much enjoying. More please.

5/5 Stars!

To find out more head to Goodreads or Amazon.

2 thoughts on “Footprints in the Sand (The Lucy Lawrence Mysteries Book 2) by Pam Lecky – Review

  1. Pam Lecky

    Dave, thanks so much for the review. So glad you enjoyed Lucy’s Egyptian adventure. Poor Lucy is definitely flawed, but that makes it all the more fun to recount her tales.



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