Matilda’s Eye Patch – A book for young children, to support, explain and encourage young children to patch

You know here at David’s Book Blurg we like to do a little bit of free promo.

Today I’d like to highlight a book I found via Instagram, and the account that brought the book to my attention.

The Book Fairies NE England (@bookfairies_ne on Instagram) hide books around the North East on England for people to find. I’ve followed them for a while because I love this idea but I really enjoy the messages they share with the books they pick. If you are on Insta do give them a follow!

Matilda’s Eye Patch is a book that aims to support young children who need to wear an eye patch. Many children suffer from amblyopia (commonly called a lazy eye), there are treatments out there but the best and easiest is to simply wear an eye patch on the non affected eye, this in turn makes the other eye work harder, and with a little bit of luck..boom, no more lazy eye… simple you’d think but young boys and girls struggle with the idea of wearing a patch, people do stare.. especially other kids.

Why I’m a highlighting this book you ask? Well one of my girls had to wear a patch for quite some time for this very reason. She loved it some days… hated it most days..It was tough to try an explain why she had to wear it, and ultimately you can’t force these kind of things so when I noticed this book I just had to do a little post for it. We didn’t have anything to help us..something that brings it down to the child’s level to encourage them to wear the patch..To see a book like this out there now is amazing.

It may seem like a small thing but all parents will understand seeing your child struggle or be upset, even over the smallest thing isn’t nice so anything that we can do to support and encourage them is a big help.

Interested in buying a copy? Head to Amazon

You can follow Matilda’s Eye Patch on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter so do take a look 🙂

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