Dad – Forever with me

As a few of you may have heard I unfortunately lost my dad on the 13th January after a battle with cancer.

There are no words to really describe how I feel but I wanted to share a few words publicly that I previously shared on my private & public social media. Without his influence I wouldn’t be who I am today and there likely wouldn’t be a David’s Book Blurg. I appreciate all of the lovely messages and support over the last month or so and I’ll be back to reading/reviewing asap!

One thing my dad loved more than anything was reading… just look what I found when I went to tidy his house!

Why are these special you might ask. Well over the last 3 years or so my dad and me bonded over books, we were never the closest but a love of books Is something we shared.

Towards the end he was reading a book a day!

These books are signed, giving as a gift from me. These will live on my forever shelf as a reminder of not only him but the shared joy they brought us and the connection they helped make.

There’s so many authors out there who helped us bond… sometimes you might not realise just how much your writing can affect an individual’s life

We said goodbye to a great man and celebrated his life, friends and family together, on Friday 11th Feb, here are some words I wanted to share but wouldn’t have been able to say on the day as it would be too difficult.

I always thought he was a hard man.. he didn’t shed tears, he wasn’t the kind to say “I love you” and I didn’t understand why. Now I’m a dad myself I understand.. he was a man of his generation, a man of few words. he held that side back as the man wasn’t one to show emotions.

He may not have said the words but his actions did… the weekly trips to visit grandma and grandad.. walks to Newbiggin and Sandy Bay.. I struggle to remember a weekend we didn’t do something as kids.

Even thinking back I understand a lot of the choices he made for me growing up.. like not allowing me to go to my grandads funeral.. it’s not that he didn’t care about how I felt.. that was the exact reason he didn’t want me there.. he was protecting me the only way he knew how.

Sitting here thinking.. we are more alike than I ever thought and that’s why we didn’t understand each other.. too bloody stubborn to listen.

I’ll always love that he understood one thing.. my commitment to my own children.. he always wanted me to put them first even if he needed help, and even though he didn’t say the words his eyes, smile and involvement with them growing up speaks volumes and the fact they wanted to be with me at the funeral shows just what he meant to them.

Over the past few years we bonded due to a love of reading and I’m so glad we had something. He might not be here but that will remain with me.

He fought and made me proud, I can’t imagine the pain he suffered. Rest easy.

The girls miss you.. I miss you.



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