Blog Tour – The Dummy Pass by Patrick Smith

Today is my turn on the blog tour for The Dummy Pass by Patrick Smith.

Here’s the blurb

William loves to play rugby in the back garden with his dad and wants to try out for the school rugby team. His friends, Tom and Finlay, think that it’s a great idea, but the school bullies, Stephen and Harry, think he’ll never make it.

But while William is excited about the rugby, his parents are having more rows and the tension at home is getting worse.

Can William make the school team? Will he play well? Will his parents’ relationship survive?

And who is the mysterious Billy?


The Dummy Pass follows young William as he struggles to find his way in life, there’s family issues but also bullying to contend with.

These kind of events happen to many children and the bullying aspect really hits home. Some may not think what the other children do is really bullying but where do we draw the line? it has a real effect on William, and we ultimately see him encouraged to join the rugby team.

William soon notices a change in himself, true friendship and love from his family has help build his confidence.

The Dummy Pass is the perfect read for any young child going through the ups and downs of life, it helps to remind you that things will be ok.

A particularly liked that they have chosen to tell this tale from a boys perspective. Even growing up 20 year ago, boys didn’t cry or get upset, if you did that just made things worse, I think it’s good to show anyone can feel down, alone, forgotten and the feelings we have are natural.

My children are 7 and they really understood some of Williams feelings and helped them open up about things that maybe they haven’t liked in life and that its ok to not to be ok with something.

It’s a lovely read with an even better message. 5/5 Stars

My thanks go to the author and to Heather Fitt for arranging the blog tour! I bought a copy of the book and was my pleasure to be part of the blog tour!

To find out more why not follow the blog tour or head to Amazon!

About the Author

As well as being an author, Patrick is a marketing consultant, charity director and open water swimmer. He is also a divorced father.

After graduating from Bradford University and working for and running a number of marketing agencies, Patrick rediscovered his love of writing in his late forties.

This book will be the first of many (he hopes).

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