RELEASE DAY!! Empires of Bronze: The Dark Earth by Gordon Doherty

Today I’m celebrating the release of Empires of Bronze: The Dark Earth, book 6 in the series by Gordon Doherty.

Here’s the blurb.

The time will come, as all times must, when the world will shake, and fall to dust…

1237 BC: It is an age of panic. The great empires are in disarray – ravaged by endless drought, shaken by ferocious earthquakes and starved of precious tin. Some say the Gods have abandoned mankind.
When Tudha ascends the Hittite throne, the burden of stabilising the realm falls upon his shoulders. Despite his valiant endeavours, things continue to disintegrate; allies become foes, lethal plots arise, and enemy battle horns echo across Hittite lands.

Yet this is nothing compared to the colossal, insidious shadow emerging from the west. Crawling unseen towards Tudha’s collapsing Hittite world comes a force unlike any ever witnessed; an immeasurable swarm of outlanders, driven by the cruel whip of nature, spreading fire and destruction: the Sea Peoples.

Every age must end. The measure of a man is how he chooses to face it.


Ah..where to start. I’ve loved this series from the 1st page to the last.. The fate of the Hittites is sealed in history but what Gordon Doherty offers the reader is a masterful tale of hope, glory, blood and betrayal.

The time of King Hattu has sadly come to and end and it’s time for Tudha to take up the mantel in what will be the Hittite’s biggest battle.

After the events at Troy and the internal struggles faced by the Hittites Tudha hopes for peace… a peace that is shattered into a thousand pieces. The army of Agamemnon’s might be gone but there’s new foes on the horizon as well as a dark face from the past to contend with…on top of that the ground is shaking.. drought and famine are a daily struggle… but Tudha has hope!

Development wise as much as I’ll miss Hattu it was really enjoyable and fresh to see this instalment play out through the eyes of Tudha and Kurunta.. the faces of the past disappear to let the new blood shine through and some of those characters will stay with you, I loved the impact made on me by Ibiranu, Nerikkaili and particularly Zakuli.

Reading the The Dark Earth was tough.. it’s dark and brutal and the author broke me repeatedly with the events that play out.. dangling Tudha’s hope.. ahhh.

The Dark Earth is a masterclass in grabbing a reader’s attention, there’s pivotal moments, exciting characters, conflict and surprise..a real roller-coaster of emotions.

Is this the best yet from Gordon Doherty??? Perfection can’t top perfection! It just a joy to read!

No spoilers for me.. but it’s one to remember.. relish it!

5/5 Stars!

To find out more head to Goodreads or Amazon, or any good retailer 😊

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