BLOG TOUR – The Stage Mother’s Club by Ron Capshaw

Today is my stop on the blog tour for The Stage Mother’s Club by Ron Capshaw.

Here’s the blurb

Johnny Jenkins is the child star of a controversial exorcism film, The Damned.

A soldier suffering from PTSD, the only way he can keep his demons at bay is by writing.

As the cloistered, highly-successful writer of feel-good novels about mothers and sons, he has created for himself a comfort zone.

But he is soon brought back to the epicentre of his nightmares, his role in the movie and along the way discovers the horrifying backstory of The Damned.


Once it a while a cover passes your eyes that just shouts, “READ ME”.  I’m a big fan of old school horror so the just reminded me instantly of those memories and enticed me in.

The tale follows Johnny a child horror movie star turned soldier. There’s something inside Johnny that’s just not quite right.. a hidden dark past.. torment. brutal suffering…but this makes him a proficient killer! Shoot first…

Ultimately Johnny is discharged, with a new identity, suffering from PTSD.. life is quiet… but only for a little while.

Johnny receives an offer that triggers him..He’s been offered a part in a movie… the sequel to The Damned.. but how did they find him?

What happens next is a roller-coaster ride through Johnny’s life, horrible flashbacks and blackouts as he tries to stop those involved, to stop the exploitation he himself suffered as a child.

Johnny is deeply troubled, he’s never quite in control of himself and he spirals ever deeper.. and there’s plenty of blood and gore!

The Stage Mother’s Club covers some deep topics and emotions which may upset some readers, child abuse for example so it’s not for the faint hearted.

The writing style was very easy on the eye, flowed well and kept me hooked.

For fans of horror and movies such as the original I Spit on Your Grave you’ll love this!

It’s real old school gothic horror at its best, deep and gut-wrenching events.

To sum this book up in one word would be INTENSE.. it’s one man’s life spiralling out of control.. but it was only a matter of time.

Honestly if you enjoy the genre, you’ll demolish this one!

4/5 Stars!

To find out more or purchase head to Goodreads or Amazon (Or your local bookshop 😊 )

My thanks go to the author, the publisher and ZooloosBookTours for having me on the tour and for providing me a copy of the book to aid my review! 😊

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Author Bio

Ron Capshaw is a writer based in Florida. His work has appeared in The Daily Beast, National Review, and The New York Post. The Stage Mother’s Club is the culmination of his childhood obsessions with 70s horror films (The Exorcist and The Omen) and 80s action films.

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