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Free Book Alert – First Contract by Frank Westworth

Who doesn’t love a free book? I know I do.

This week the first book in the Stoner short stories is free!

Here’s the blurb..let me know what you think.

FIRST CONTRACT: A decade ago, JJ Stoner was a soldier. He killed people for a living and made no bones about it. On a scorching day in the Iraqi desert, when British blood stained the sand, he over-stepped the mark. Men died in compromising circumstances; too many men for an easy explanation. Faced with a dishonourable discharge and accusations of murder, Stoner accepted an offer from a stranger who represented an intelligence agency. Suddenly, Stoner found himself half a world away and about to execute his first private contract…

If you’re looking for a new series to get into now is the time.

I loved the book. It’s got what I need in a thriller..guns and a not so talkative lead character.. Theres good developement throughout the series, JJ Stoner’s not the most open as I’ve said..a shoot first kind of guy..explain later.. but as the series goes on you get little bits here and there to learn more about him and his life which keep you hooked in. There’s always a need for more… and I just love the series.

Keep an eye out this week for a couple reviews from me for books 6 & 7 in the series!

Click the image below to head to Amazon to get your free copy today!



Free this week! First Contract: A JJ Stoner short story (The Stoner Series Book 1)

Hey all,

Just a quick post.  I’m sure you’ll remember but I’ve read and reviewed all of the JJ Stoner short stories and thought they were brilliant.

A little heads up Frank Westworth the author has kindly put up the first book in the series for free this week so you’ve still got time to grab it.

Go on..it’s FREE.. you know it makes sense!

Click here to head to Amazon!

Chase series by Thomas Dellenbusch free this weekend!

Hey all, a quick heads up. Author Thomas Dellenbusch currently has his Chase series up for free!

That means you can get both books in the series of £0!

These books are on my list to read so let me know if you’ve read them, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Here’s the blurb, you can click the pictures to head to Amazon :-

Translated Version from the popular German book series of Theatre-Of-The-Mind-Stories in Movie Length


The Hunt for the Mute Poetess

Enrique “Rique” Allmers runs a security firm in Hamburg, Germany. When he encounters a young woman fleeing from pursuers through the local fish-market, he takes her under his wing. They get away, but the same men – now with reinforcements – are still on their tail. Rique doesn’t know
who she is, or the identity of those who are after her. Because she doesn’t speak a word to him…


The Hunt for a King

Scotland on the brink of independence: the government is planning its own Scottish monarchy. But when a member of the close-knit planning group reveals the identity of the candidate for the throne, suddenly people appear who want to prevent this royal ascension at all costs – including murder. When CHASE is called in to assist, Jérome and Chen Lu travel to Glasgow. Together with the Scotsman James Campbell, they hunt for his father’s murderer. A secretive wax seal leads them into a maze of ancient legends and lost manuscripts. Can they solve the mystery and save the king – or will old ruins become their grave?