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Author Spotlight – Michael R. Hicks

A little later than planned.. Here’s my next Author Spotlight.

Today I would like to bring to your attention to the works of Michael R. Hicks.

When I just started to get into reading regularly a few years ago I was looking to find a series of books and through a recommendation via twitter I looked at the In Her Name series by Michael R. Hicks.

The series is a science fiction novel with a bit of fantasy edge to it.

It focuses on humans not being alone in the universe and of an alien species of warriors. There’s fighting, swords, guns, love, death.. what more could you want?

For fear of giving too much away of the story that’s as far as I’m going to go.. but If science fiction is your thing you really should check out these books.

Here is the blurb for book 1 to get your taste buds going –

The Terran survey ship Aurora makes a startling discovery in an uncharted star system: two planets inhabited by an advanced, and decidedly unfriendly, non-human civilization. Disabled by gigantic alien warships before it can escape, the Aurora is boarded by nightmarish blue-skinned warriors with claws and fangs who slaughter the crew in ritual combat using primitive weapons. The sole survivor, Midshipman Ichiro Sato, is returned to Earth as a messenger bearing a device that warns of an impending attack.

 For that is the way of the Kreelan Empire, which has waged war against countless civilizations across the stars in its quest for a savior, one not of their own blood, foretold in an ages-old prophecy. With only a few generations left before their ancient species faces extinction, the Kreelans will wage their last war against humanity, hoping against hope for redemption of sins long past.

Currently Amazon.co.uk has 229 five star and 120 four star reviews for this book…I don’t know about you but numbers like that make me take notice…

What? You want another reason to get this book? OK.. how about the fact it’s FREE! Yep. The first book is completely free

Michael’s story telling is just wonderful and he created some brilliant characters and events over this series. I still have 3 books left to read of the 9 and I’m thoroughly looking forward to reading them.

One of the things I like the most is although you can read all 9 books the series is actually split into 3 distinct works. So if you’re not looking for a major commitment to nine books just get the first 3.. you won’t be disappointed .

In all honestly Michael has to be one of my favourite authors. So much so that after reading one book I purchased the next 5 straight away. What have you got to loose.. the first book is free. Give it a read and let me know what you think. I’d love to hear your views

Today I urge you to take a look at Michael’s website here – authormichaelhicks.com. From here he links you directly to where you can purchase the books and read the reviews.

Want to connect with Michael? You can do so via his website Twitter, Facebook,Goodreads or his Amazon author page.

I was never the best reader in the world..

I thought it might be interesting for you to find out how i came to setting up this blog and how I’ve found the authors i have. I would be very interested to hear your own story’s

As a child i struggled with printed format, my eyes would get tired and blurry. Even after getting glasses i still struggled.

Up until a few years ago i basically never read any books other than what i needed to get by in life, instruction manuals etc.

One day i decided to treat myself to a tablet for twitter/emails and so forth. I found the kindle app and decided i might as well give it a go. I travel to work on the bus so have plenty of free time.

Not being a big reader i decided to look at the free books listed on Amazon under the genres i liked. I thought this was a good starting point and it introduced me to authors like David Dalglish and Michael R Hicks. Both authors offered the first book in one of their series for free and i liked the idea of getting into a series on books rather than just a stand alone novel.

Next i found Robert Southworth, I’m a massive fan of Spartacus and he had recently released a story about him and it had me hooked. This then led me to Gordon Doherty and his Legionary series

From there i headed to twitter, followed these authors and all of a sudden other authors were following me. I took the time to look at some of their work and have found some authors who managed to capture my imagination perfectly and surprising quickly.

I plan to do a write up of some of my favorite authors so far so keep and eye out for that 🙂

Now after getting sucked in by these authors i found myself enjoying books for the first time in my life. Because of this i decided to create this blog so i could interact with other readers but also to show these authors that their work is appreciated

I don’t know why it took me so long to get into reading but i’m glad i have

As always i welcome suggestions on books/authors i should acquaint myself with so feel free to drop me a line either by commenting below or send me an email davidsbookblurg@gmail.com