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The Shadow of Troy by Gordon Doherty (Empires of Bronze Book 5) – Review!

Next up on David’s Book Blurg is The Shadow of Troy, Book 5 in the Empires of Bronze series by Gordon Doherty.

Here’s the blurb

The war at Troy has raged for ten years. Its final throes will echo through eternity…

1258 BC: Surrounded and outnumbered by the army of Agamemnon, King Priam and his Trojan forces fight desperately to defend their city. In the lulls between battle, all talk inevitably turns to the mighty ally that has not yet arrived to their aid. Agamemnon will weep for mercy, the Trojans say, when the eastern horizons darken with the endless ranks of the Hittite Empire.

King Hattu has endured a miserable time since claiming the Hittite throne. Vassals distance themselves while rival empires circle, mocking him as an illegitimate king. Worst of all, the army of the Hittites is but a memory, destroyed in the civil war that won him the throne. Knowing that he must honour his empire’s oath to protect Troy, he sets off for Priam’s city with almost nothing, praying that the dreams he has endured since his youth – of Troy in ruins – can be thwarted. All the way, an ancient mantra rings in his head: Hittites should always heed their dreams.


It’s been 10 long years but King Hattu has never forgotten the Hittite oath to Troy. One way or another Hattu will aid his friends.. the issue is the Hittite’s no longer have an army. He knows the danger.. not only to himself, but the struggling Hittite empire too. Hattu will do everything he can to uphold the oath his brother made to the people of Troy.

The journey to Troy doesn’t go quite as planned and there’s some wonderful interaction with Achilles, the champion within Agamemnon’s army. The early setup in the story describing the dynamic between Achilles and Agamemnon and the struggles they have in the army really worked well.

Hattu arrives at Troy thanks to an unlikely source, only to find things a little bit off. Troy have managed to stop Agamemnon at every step but it’s not been without loss… and the reason behind the losses is not clear cut.. there’s more at play here than we know and Hattu makes his own vow to get to the bottom of this.

The story of Troy’s fall is one most will have heard of, their fate is already sealed, but what Gordon Doherty offers is something new, something fresh, something god damn breath-taking! It felt like I was hearing the tale for the first time. It didn’t feel like a story I’d heard before, there’s so much more depth and emotion.

We see the tale from a different perspective woven expertly with the Hittite’s struggle. The Hittite empire has it’s own issues and I feel the author managed to capture both the struggles of Troy and the Hittites well, neither overshadowing the other.

What Gordon Doherty hit perfectly was the plot and character development, the story flows so naturally and we get depth added to a large number of characters in quick succession as he brings individuals such as Paris, Hector, Agamemnon and many others to life , it’s pure talent to give each character their own depth without moving too far away from the focus of the plot itself.

Doherty constantly brings history to life, uses his knowledge and storytelling skills in such a way that the story mesmerises you. I’m utter in awe of the author and what I’ve just read. The easiest 5* I’ll give this year!

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Song of Princes by Janell Rhiannon – Review

Title – Song of Princes (Homeric Chronicles #1)
Author – Janell Rhiannon
Genre – Historical Fiction
Length –   490 Pages
Publication – June 2016
My Rating – 5/5 Stars



SONG OF PRINCES, Book One of the Homeric Chronicles

Sing Muse. Sing of the shining citadel of Troy rising from the hot sands of Asia. Sing of the Greek palaces ascending from their rocky hilltops. Sing of one woman’s dream heralding the madness of men and the murder of innocents. From bull dancing rings and wild meadows, the Forgotten Prince must choose between love and a golden crown. From seclusion and safety, the Golden Warrior must choose between his honor and his life. From behind the Great Wall, the Golden Prince must choose between his family and his city. And from a rugged realm on the far side of Greece, the Warrior King must choose between his son’s life and certain exile. Here shepherds and princes, warriors and kings, and seers and lovers seek to conquer their passions, outwit destiny or surrender to it.

PARIS, the FORGOTTEN PRINCE. Abandoned at birth and raised as a shepherd, Paris believes he is destined for a simple life. His heart belongs to the nymph, Oenone, until the beautiful Helen forces him to choose.
ACHILLES, the GOLDEN WARRIOR. Destined to live a short life, Achilles becomes the young lover of a princess who he abandons for the passions of war. He discovers that love is his only weakness.
HEKTOR, the GOLDEN PRINCE. As guardian of the citadel, Hektor must balance his heart’s desire between the beautiful Andromache and the people he’s sworn to protect.
ODYSSEUS, the WARRIOR KING. Forced into a war against his will, Odysseus leaves his young wife, Penelope, behind. Their love must stand the test of time and temptation.

Where did their legends begin before their lives converged at Troy in one of the most famous battles of all time? The HOMERIC CHRONICLES tells the stories of Paris, Achilles, Hektor, and Odysseus in one chronological tale, beginning before the ILIAD and ending long after the ODYSSEY. Blending both history and myth, the Homeric Chronicles will satisfy your love of Greek mythology, while paying homage to the original storyteller, Homer.

SONGS OF PRINCES begins with the birth of Paris and Achilles, and introduces us to a young Hektor and Odysseus. The journey of the princes begins…

Janell Rhiannon has a Master’s degree in history. It was during her years studying Alexander the Great that she came to love the Greek and Roman myths. She loves warfare and romance. Visit her Amazon Author Page or visit her at http://www.janellrhiannon.com

Fall in love with Greek mythology for the first time or all over again.



I must admit from the start of this book I loved it. I really liked the idea that the gods walked among us and that they played out there games with humans as their pawns.

This is book one in the series and it focuses on the period preceding the Trojan war. Priam being forced by the gods to kill his new born son Paris in order to save troy..but things do not go to plan..the gods like to play games and someone else has other plans for this baby.

Paris ultimately survives early life in the care of Agelaus..the person instructed to kill the boy. He falls in love with a nymph over a period of time and it’s a very touching story between the two of them with his lover knowing all along they could never be together forever but hoping the fates would be wrong

The next and for me very powerful scene for me is when Paris is forced to pick which goddess is thinks is the most beautiful of all.. of course things don’t go the way he would like and in the end his prize for choosing is the love of the most beautiful woman in the world..who is not yet born.. Helen..

We also learn of Achilles and his birth also to a nymph and there’s a great scene where Thetis his mother plans to change the fate of her son who is to die young on the battlefield with his name living on or living to an old age with nothing of worth ever happening in his life, dying an unknown. She goes about trying to gain her son the power of the gods..things never go to plan though do they

From here Paris grows up, strong, fast and the more he grows the more he looks like his brother Hektor. Soon enough things unravel and Paris is welcomed back into the royal family

What I really enjoyed about this book is that it’s took the political aspect of the tale away, stripped in down and really made use of the myths surrounding the gods and made this more into an unwanted love story.. Paris is destined by the gods to fall in love with Helen and I just loved this approach to the tale

Paris is sent away on a mission on behalf of Priam and meet Helen and things will never be the same again

Cassandra had a very moving portrayal for me..actually being abused by a god who then cruelly leaves her with visions of the future but also curses her that no one will ever believe her.. she knows Troy will fall but there is nothing she can do about it

For me what really shines with the tale is ultimately the Greek mythology and how the author portrays the gods.You really fear the games they might play.. I won’t spoil it for you as a reader but It was a fascinating way to tell the tale and the fact the author left the tale where she did has definitely left me wanting to get the next book in the series to see how she continues the tale. I can’t wait to see if some of the gods actually walk  the battlefield..

A real refreshing take and well written adult tale that I really did enjoy. I need to read more..

If you’re looking for a different take on the story of Troy or like the idea of a tale where gods can walk among us then take a look at this!

There’s so much more to come!

I must thank Janell and Nicole for the chance to read/review the book!

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