Meteor Storm by David Capps – Review


Title – Meteor Storm
Author – David Capps
Genre – Science Fiction
Length – 305 Pages (Kindle)
Publication – January 2015
My Rating – 3/5 Stars


63,000 years ago, an ancient civilization existed far advanced over our own, but it was destroyed by a natural cataclysm. Now that same cataclysm is about to strike our modern world…

When Carl stumbles upon an unknown robot’s head, he manages with some effort to get it working. From the robot, Carl learns that it was created by an ancient civilization 63,000 years ago in northern India. The robot reports though, that the culture was destroyed by a meteor storm that killed all, but a thousand people planet wide.

When Carl learns that Earth is entering the same place in the galaxy where the meteor field exists, he warns people on TV, but finds himself ridiculed and ignored. To protect the world, Carl works to find out more about the ancient civilization and how to prevent a repeat of history.

To do this, Carl travels to a secret cave where the ancient technology is stored and here Carl meets a fully functioning robot from the ancient civilization. Now Carl must do everything in his power to preserve as many lives and as much of the current civilization as possible to avoid full scale destruction…


Full disclosure I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

Please note this review does involve spoilers, head over to Goodreads to view this review spoiler free!

This book revolves around Karl/Carl who discovers there is going to be a meteor storm that will kill everyone if he doesn’t do something. He gets this knowledge from  a robots head which has been kept locked away by the government

I must say the story line was very intriguing and I was excited to read the book. The whole idea of such an event happing is fascinating.

The story is quite fast paced and I especially liked seeing them plan for the future and then them dealing with the aftermath of the meteor storm. The ideas the author used clearly show they put a lot of thought into it. It really made me think what would actually happen if such an event happened to the world now. As a reader this was a very good subject to keep me interested.

My only issue with this book is that on a few occasions it left me thinking I had missed something. The character development is definitely there just to me it didn’t flow right at times.

For example you learn straight away that Carl has had argument with his boss over something they were keeping secret which Carl didn’t agree with… but you don’t find out until later what exactly this was.

You learn Carl went to prison but again you didn’t find out why until much later on in the book.

I can see why the author wrote the book the way they did but as a reader it confused me slightly as I felt maybe I had missed something and backtracked only to find out the information comes to light much later on.

Lastly the love interest.. Now this was the big thing I didn’t understand. At first Tia is scared of him after his surgery, next they share a moment when she’s helping set up his new identity… then suddenly you are told they have grown close while working on the robots head. I would have much preferred to have more scenes which showed them growing close rather than just being told.

As you go on with the book you do see a relationship growing between the pair I just felt the comment about them growing close should have been left to much later in the book where it would have fitted in better.

Overall I did enjoy the book, the character development just confused me a little at times. I’ll be honest though it didn’t make me enjoy the book any less and if you are a fan of the genre I would say it’s worth a read but be warned it’s not as dark as some of the apocalyptic science fiction books out there. If you’ve not read an apocalyptic book before this might be a nice book to start with.

I’ll be watching to see what David comes up with next

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