The Letters by Ella Drayton – Review


Title – The Letters
Author – Ella Drayton
Genre –  Mystery
Length –  258 Pages (Kindle)
Publication – January 2015
My Rating – 4/5 Stars


Brodie Barrett is a widowed mother of a 10 year old girl and a homicide detective for the Birmingham Police Department. Everything seems fine in her world until her ex-fiance, Keaton Maddox walks back into her life. She’s ready to start a new life with Keaton but he’s also got a pregnant girlfriend working at his restaurant. Things at work start heating up for Brodie when someone decides to send her love letters at work. These aren’t your ordinary love letters, though! These letters leave clues for Brodie to find bodies of her admirer’s victims. Who could be sending these letters and why do they want Brodie to find the bodies?


Full disclosure I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Ok so this book is the first book from author Ella Drayton about a detective called Brodie. Bodies soon turn up and killer wants her to find them.. the book is all about her trying to figure out who the killer is whilst also trying to sort out her personal life.

The synopsis grabbed me straight away, the idea the killer was linked to her somehow intrigued me.

I enjoyed the story line, the book was written well and very easy to read. The mix of private life and work life seemed to work well for the story.

There was strong development of the character Brodie. Since the murders are linked to her it gave Ella a great opportunity to give you more information on her and the relationships she has with other people in the book. These relationships and the information you gain made me certain who the killer was but Ella keeps the motive/background unknown until late in the book to keep you interested..

It’s very hard to pick faults with this book, if i’m honest i guess i just didn’t really like Brodie. I would have liked to see more bodies turn up, maybe a few more twists to throw you off the killers trail and to see the struggle Brodie would have gone through, accusing those close to her, doubting everyone.

The only other comment i would have is that i noticed a couple grammar or spelling errors but nothing major and it definitely didn’t spoil the book

In conclusion I enjoyed reading the book, it has a lot going for it and would definitely be interested in seeing what Ella comes up with next.

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