Update – 2021 where is my blog going?

It’s been a while since I last posted… where have I been?.. I’ve been very quiet on my blog

2020 was a bust for me reading wise. Lots of personal things that sucked my energy dry at times. 

It was a tough year for everyone and that really reflected in the energy I gave to my blog. I put 100% into my reviews as always, I just didn’t have the energy to keep of momentum going. 

I’ve started 2021 fresh. I’ve some good ideas where I want my blog to go and which authors I’m going to concentrate on this year so do look out for more details coming soon.

I promised myself my blog was going to be a true reflection of my reading. There’s new releases coming out all the time but there’s diamonds already out there overlooked by the passing of time so 2021 will be a mixture of new releases, blog tours I’ve signed up for and some older books from my personal collection. 

The first thing I need to do is plan the hell out of my diary. I’m hoping to set time to update my blog regularly but also plan on attending online bookish events since Zoom has taken over the world. I attended a few last year and I really enjoyed them.

I’m even getting the kids involved this year and hope to branch out and do a few children’s books reviews.  Afterall… I’m reading them with them 😊

I do hope you’ll join me on my journey in getting my mojo back!

David’s Book Blurg is already booked up until April! And I’ve got some amazing reads coming your way!

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