Stargate Rebellion by Bill McCay

Today I’m going to be reviewing Stargate Rebellion by Bill McCay. 

Anyone who knows me will know just how much of a fan I am of the Stargate franchise. I missed out a lot when I was younger as I just didn’t push myself to read any books, fiction or non-fiction, I just struggled with motivation.

Now I’ve got the reading bug it was always my plan to read some books that I should have years ago and with 2020 being a bust I needed to go my motivation back and what better way to start than with my favourite series? This book came out in 1995… I would have been 10 years old!

I found in November/December with the whole family at home I valued my time with them so I needed a book familiar to me…something to easily dip in/out of. Turns out it was the perfect choice for me.

Here is the blurb –

When the crack team of scientists and soldiers entered the “Stargate,” armed rebellion on a planet a million light-years away was the last thing on their minds. Now that it’s started, no one can ignore it – not commando Jack O’Neil, not renegade Egyptologist Daniel Jackson, and most of all not the newly freed people of Abydos

Genre – Science Fiction


Forget everything you watched on TV after the movie adaptation. Stargate Rebellion takes place after the events of the original movie/novel but follows a very different track than the TV series.

After Jack O’Neil returns to Earth and submits his report it’s clear Abydos holds the key to technical advancement which could see the US have a hold over their rivals.

Jack is sent back to Abydos, and with the help of Daniel Jackson aims to setup some agreement with the locals to mine Ra’s magic quartz-crystal. 

This is something I really enjoyed about the book, it explores how we would make agreements with another world and it’s difficulties, no employment laws, no unions, no living wage.. knowing that some unscrupulous people would always plan to take advantage.. and how prejudice is something that will always rear it’s ugly head.

The mining company chosen have one aim, essentially exploit the workforce available to them.. they want the most out of them for the least pay.. and this includes ignoring their advice on safe working under the desert sun. This ultimately leads to a divide and revolt isn’t far off.

O’Neil isnt stupid.. He knows Ra might be dead but others may come to take his place. Unluckily for him he’s proved right. 

Hathor has been awoken from her sleep and sets out securing the power and resources she needs to find out what has happened to Ra and if what she suspects is correct, she wants to power for herself.

Just as tension on Abydos reaches its peak Hathor arrives, and everyone must band together to meet this threat or face death together.

One of the main reasons I really enjoyed this book is it went back to basics for the Goa’uld. If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll know Ra didn’t really have a massive force with him, just a few guards. While he might have enslaved thousands, his power was more about his ability to control those people with fear rather than the size of his army. This book shows the Goa’uld’s vulnerability and how the people of Earth were able to overthrow Ra’s rule back in ancient Egypt.

As much as I love the TV series and its take on the story Rebellion seems more realistic and in keeping with the original movie.

Characterisation wise things are spot on, the characters reminded me of those we met in the movie..everything just tied in nicely and i found it effortless to churn through the pages.

Overall a very enjoyable read that’s helped rekindle something in me. I’m excited.. excited to read more and finish this series!

5/5 Stars!

To find out more head to Goodreads or check out your nearest 2nd hand book seller!

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