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The Last Day of Captain Lincoln by @EXO_Books – Review

Title – The Last Day of Captain Lincoln
Author – EXO Books
Genre – Science Fiction
Publication –Nov 2015
Pages – 133 Pages
My Rating – 5/5 Stars


Captain Lincoln’s last day is the hardest day of his life.

An old, onetime Captain of the interstellar spaceship USNAS Hope Eternal, Lincoln always knew that this day would come. For just as birthdays are carefully planned, so are deaths. And although he must reckon with his fate, this is not a somber story. It is a tale of love and sacrifice, told in the context of the most advanced civilization ever to exist—a society that has taken to the stars in an effort to save all that is best in humanity.

Follow Lincoln through his internal struggles, his joy in having lived, and his journey to peace.

The End is just the beginning.


Where do I start with this one.. wow.

This is a tough read..not in a bad way.. It’s tough read as I couldn’t help but feel sad reading the moving tale of of Captain Lincoln and his last day alive. I can honestly say I didn’t want to finish this one.. I didn’t want to him to go.

In the future a spaceship sets out to save humanity from society itself. Everyone aboard this ship has a role and plays their part. Everyone has some worth and respect.

It was decided some time ago that the ship just isn’t able to support ever increasing amounts of people.. so in the ultimate sacrifice when the oldest people on the ship turn eighty they make way for a new batch of children.

Everything is advanced compared to today but you can see the links. These people have access to the ships database just like we have access to the internet but they use it much more efficiently than we do.

It’s an emotional tale as we follow Lincoln as he goes through the motions of his last day. Sharing his thoughts with loved ones and also trying to explain death to the younger generation.

What really got me thinking with this book is simply how much we take for granted our lives. We just live day to day never knowing when it will end. How would you act if you knew exactly when you would die? It certainly makes you reflect on life.

The most moving bit has to be the fact he has a partner on board who is younger than him so he goes into his final sleep knowing she will be left behind and there’s an emotional scene between them towards the end of the book which really does bring a lump to the throat.

As we near the end of the tale my heart was heavy. I couldn’t help but wonder how I would say goodbye if I knew the end was coming and it really helped me connect with Lincoln.

I must say I loved the book but also the illustrations by Kimberley Hazen.

Definitely one to read but be warned you’ll want to give your nearest and dearest a hug afterwards.

A wonderful, thought provoking read that leaves you with a heavy heart. Beautiful.

I highly recommend you take a look at fellow reviewer’s opinion which I feel perfectly sums up the tale – click here to read the review from Liz @ Cover to Cover.

My thanks go to the author for the chance to read/review their work.

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The Dead God’s Shadow by @LeeCarlon – Review

Title – The Dead God’s Shadow
Author – Lee Carlon
Genre – Science Fiction
Publication – July 2013
Pages – 160 Pages Approx.
My Rating – 5/5 Stars


Avril Ethanson has left Frake’s Peak and Lord Obdurin’s schemes behind. He hopes to find a member of his cadre at mysterious Lancity which was unaffected by the Cleansing. Unknown to Avril, there are forces waiting for him–Valan the Wolf and the Dead God’s priesthood–intent on using him and his connection to Lord Obdurin and Rhysin.

The Dead God’s Shadow is the third story in the Bastard Cadre series and continues where The Godslayers’ Legacy ended.


This is book 3 in The Bastard Cadre series and for me it’s the best yet.

Yes I’m late to the party with this being released 3 years ago but these tales are absolute gems that need to be read.

We are back with Avril as he set outs from Frake’s Peak to get away from Lord Obdurin. I’m not sure Avril really knows what the plan is but he ends up heading towards Lancity where I can feel the connection of one of his cadre mates.

Lord Obdurin split Avril’s cadre up many years ago, the hope was to make them stronger when they eventually came together but with so many players in the game Avril really doesn’t know who to trust.. or what he really wants out of this whole mess of a situation.

I think the complex plot and motivations is really want makes this book as good as it is. You never know who to trust and with crazy Death Priests lurking in Lancity things aren’t looking good for Avril.

I really enjoyed the basic idea behind the series. Gods exist but pick a chosen one to manifest their will through. This chosen, like Lord Obdurin seem to know that the gods will does affect them but it’s not clear if they truly know how much. These chosen then have their cadre’s to serve and protect them and the loyalty they show just enforces the bonds created.

So far this is the best in the series. It develops Avril so much as the main focus is on him and it’s exactly what i was after.

This tale isn’t perfect and that’s what I love about it.. let me explain. A lot of books I read have a clear/perfect path set out, you may not know the ending when you start reading but by the end you find you’re not that surprised with the outcome.. with this series it’s so different.. it’s a true pleasure to read as you really don’t have any idea where the author will take things.. a refreshing dark, post-apocalyptic tale that has me hooked.

If I remember correctly the author billed this series as Science Fiction without the word count and I couldn’t agree more. The author packs so much into the tale, everything seems well covered and you are given such a good plot that quite frankly I couldn’t believe was under 200 pages.

I said it after I read the first book and I’ll say it again. For me this is a very highly underrated series that ticks all the boxes.

The only thing that could be improved on is the cover. While i like the simplicity of it, it doesn’t convey anything to the reader at first glance and without that hook you might just pass this beauty by.

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The Ares Weapon by D.M. Pruden (@prudenauthor) – Review

Title – The Ares Weapon
Author – D.M. Pruden
Genre – Science Fiction
Publication – 1st Oct 2016
Pages – 270
My Rating – 4/5 Stars


Armageddon is Up for Auction…

Dr. Melanie Destin’s life is a mess. In a desperate attempt to start over, she accepts an interplanetary salvage job that will pay her enough to rebuild a new life on Mars. When she learns the real purpose of the mission is to recover an apocalyptic virus, everything begins to unravel…

Planetary governments compete to control the pathogen which the expedition leader plans to steal. Meanwhile the corporation that hired her wants to eliminate anyone involved…

With her life in danger and not knowing who to trust, Mel must find a way to keep the virus out of the wrong hands. If she fails, billions will die…

The Ares Weapon, the first book in the Mars Ascendant Series, is a sci fi thriller about the consequences of humanity’s Mars colonization and effort to terraform the planet. If you like science fiction with a strong female lead character, ruthless villains and a page turning plot, you’ll love The Ares Weapon.


This tale follows Melanie Destin, a Dr down on her luck.. who lands a job just when she needs it! Is this job too good to be true? And why all the bad luck??

A couple of the major plus points for this book are firstly, the twists. You’re never quite sure who is a good guy and who is bad. You only get the full picture when the author decides its time to reveal all. This had me guessing characters motivations so kept me really interested in the tale. Secondly the plot itself, the idea of a weaponised pathogen out there was great, I liked the idea there were multiple parties interested in retrieving the weapon and each had their reasons for doing so. I also loved the Nano tech employed in the tale.

This was a rather interesting read that improved the further on I got with it. I can’t put my finger on why but I never fully warmed to the main character Melanie.

I must admit I loved some of the other characters Agent 324 for a start.. devious, never quite knowing what he has planned.

Another idea the author explored was the mortality police which I found fascinating. In my opinion too many people lack morals in this world so the idea of a place where these people can be punished hooked me in.

The book has a decent word-count with a good amount of descriptiveness which in turn leads to a faster paced tale once the action gets going. This is non hard core science fiction.. the author has tackled the areas he wanted to and hasn’t got bogged down explaining every minute detail.

Overall it was a good read with just the right amount of descriptiveness vs plot to keep your brain engaged. I’d certainly like to see where this one goes that’s for sure. The author has left plenty strands of the tale available for the next book so it should be a good one!

This book would be good for anyone who hasn’t really tried Science Fiction before.. it’s not too in-depth which means it’s a nice easy and fun read

Have a look!

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My thanks go to the author for the chance to read/review their work.

Rarity from the Hollow by Robert Eggleton – ARC Review

Title – Rarity from the Hollow
Author – Robert Eggleton
Genre – Science Fiction
Length –   284 Pages
Publication – Nov 2015
My Rating – 2.5/5 Stars


Lacy Dawn’s father relives the Gulf War, her mother’s teeth are rotting out, and her best friend is murdered by the meanest daddy on Earth. Life in The Hollow isn’t great. But Lacy has one advantage — she’s been befriended by a semi-organic, semi-robot who works with her to cure her parents. He wants something in exchange, though. It’s up to her to save the Universe.

To prepare Lacy for her coming task, she is being schooled daily via direct downloads into her brain. Some of these courses tell her how to apply magic to resolve everyday problems much more pressing to her than a universe in big trouble, like those at home and at school. She doesn’t mind saving the universe, but her own family and friends come first.

Will Lacy Dawn’s predisposition, education, and magic be enough for her to save the Universe, Earth, and, most importantly, protect her own family?

Rarity from the Hollow is adult literary science fiction filled with tragedy, comedy and satire. It is a children’s story for adults, not for the prudish, faint of heart, or easily offended.

Robert Eggleton’s humorous science fantasy follows in the steps of Douglas Adams, Tom Holt and Terry Pratchett.


What have I just read? This must be the craziest book I’ve ever seen touching multiple topics and genres.

This definitely isn’t a quick and easy read, it’s very much a in-depth tale that needs your undivided attention.

I’m going to be honest straightaway.. some of the talk in the book just made me uncomfortable, Lacy Dawn talking like girl much older than she was a little hard to read. I have to admit even though this wasn’t for me I do understand why the author chose to go down the track he has.. I felt like he wanted me to be disturbed by events in the book.. the things that happen aren’t supposed to make you laugh … this book makes you open your eyes a little to some tough subjects

One of the things I really did enjoy about this book was the author’s style of writing with the inner thoughts of the characters being made for an interesting read since I believe we all think things we don’t actually ever plan to say out loud

Another thing this book really has going for it is the utter surprise factor.. I guarantee you that you’ve read nothing like this before and chapter to chapter you’ll have no idea what will happen next. A refreshing change I must admit.

The main thing to remember with this book is that it’s not about enjoying the tale.. it’s about raising important issues and leaving an impression on the reader.. I’ll not forget this one that’s for sure

If you’re looking for something thought-provoking and different then this is the book for you

My thanks go to the author for the chance to read/review their work

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Omnilogos: Extended Edition by Michele Amitrani – Review

Title – Omnilogos: Extended Edition
Author – Michele Amitrani
Genre – Science Fiction
Length –   246 Pages
Publication – October 2015
My Rating – 4/5 Stars


“I am a collector of hopes and peregrine truths, a shepherd of thoughts, ideas, projects and dreams too important not to be realized. I’m an abstract concept that has no body, no smell, no boundaries, no shape and no color. I am the Omnilogos.” So it is forged, a Science Fiction saga that gave birth to a legend, a tale about the life of a man with one project that will change mankind’s future forever. Ten stories about his life, his sorrow, and his quest to gather the resources and the people needed to claim our place among the stars. This is Wei’s story. This is the world of the Omnilogos. New Extended Edition! With extra material including an additional chapter plus an exclusive sneak preview of the upcoming sequel Pelargonium, book two of the Omnilogos Series!     


This book was a complete mystery to me when I started it, the synopsis doesn’t give away much..

What I read turned out to be a well-crafted story revolving around Wei. He’s the Omnilogos. He’s special.. he knows a lot.. and knows how to get answers he needs. He’s also very adept at changing the course of the future using his skills.

After the first few chapters I was still a little lost as to what the plot of the story was but I stuck to it… and I’m glad I did. What I initially rated at 3/5 stars at around 50% through turned into a 4 star by the end of the book.. how everything fit together towards the end and a very explosive scene involving Wei pushed this book up the ratings in my opinion

The plot is a slow burner.. Wei is influencing events around him in order to reach his intended outcome over a period of years, the book jumps further in time as you go. To start with it was a little hard to get my bearings but once I started to understand Wei a little more I settled down and really enjoyed this

There are quite a few characters in this book and due to time passing quickly you don’t get a lot of development with any of them except Wei but all of these characters have a role which plays out nicely at the end. This is Wei’s story.. no one else’s.

Wei was a fascinating character, it’s hard to explain why but his abilities and superior intellect with childish naivety were brilliant.. he acted like those around him just didn’t see the big picture forgetting he was the only one who truly knows what he is trying to achieve. He likes to only give away the essential information required to get the results.. no more no less.

Overall this was a unique tale for me, interesting but slow to evolve. If it sounds interesting to you give it a go but make sure you give it the time it deserves.. it’s not a quick/easy need to digest this one to fully enjoy it

Here’s hoping you agree with me 🙂

Final thought – Would I read the next book in the series..Yes! I feel like this is the first book when I really had no idea what would happen next.. as for the next book i have no idea what could happen at all..and for that reason I need to read it!

My thanks go to the author for the chance to read/review their work

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Empress of Antares by Brian K. Larson – Review

Title –  Empress of Antares (Warlords 2)
Author – Brian K. Larson
Genre –  Science Fiction
Length –   380 Pages
Publication – Nov 2015
My Rating – 4/5 Stars


The ancient Antarian scrolls spoke of legends regarding a female warrior from an unknown house. In this second installment, the life blood from the Beast of the Valley of Trenches can bring fortitude to the new Empress of Antares.

“Know that there will be two paths to take. One path will bring your own destruction, the other, the annihilation of Earth.”

The Empress must choose the right path blindly, because of the missing scrolls. Will she choose the right direction, or will time run out on saving humanity from the Warlords? Join Admiral Jedediah Fitz and Major Race Jennings as they prepare for the invasion.


Empress is the second book in the Warlord series by Brian K. Larson. You can check out my review for The Warlords of Anatres here..

If you’ve read the first book you won’t be disappointed. It’s written in Brian’s classic style of easy reading but one hell of a fast paced ride.

The twist and turns come at you so fast in this book it’s got so much going on but that’s what makes it fun to read.. you don’t have time to get bored

There are a lot of characters mentioned at times in quick bursts so it does take a little while to get used to the characters but once you do it’s a great story.

Something stood out for me with this book, that being character development which I’m a big fan of.. if you are reading a series of books you need them to develop at a decent pace and I think the author did a great job with building on the characters from the last book. I would have liked more from Race in this book if you read the book you can tell why he’s overshadowed in this one.. it’s not his tale this time.. I hopeful for more from him in book 3 which I’ve already downloaded and I’m looking forward to getting to grips with it

All in all this is another solid book from Brian, if you enjoy his work you’ll love this one. The why I describe his work is simply fast paced science fiction made simple.. Brian gives you just the info you need.. doesn’t over complicate things and lets you enjoy the ride

As with the author’s previous work it’s perfectly suited for an adult to read or a young adult, his writing style makes it so easy to read so even if you aren’t the most confident reader you’ll be fine with this

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Dead Eyes by Nick Brown – Review

Title – Dead Eyes
Author – Nick Brown
Genre – Science Fiction
Length –   34 Pages
Publication – April 2016
My Rating – 5/5 Stars


Three futuristic short stories from ‘Agent of Rome’ author Nick Brown.

‘Dead Eyes’ – an explorer and his crew face a deadly threat upon a remote world.
‘Four Numbers’ – a female soldier finds herself trapped by a relentless force.
‘Afflict’ – a mysterious visitor has a singular offer for the people of Earth.


First off I’m a fan of Nick’s work but if you’ve read any of his work like me you’ll know him as a historical fiction what a nice surprise to see him turn his hand to a different genre.

Nick is a brilliant writer of short stories and these three tales confirm that for me. I often feel what’s the point when reading short stories.. they’re too short or don’t hook you in..NOT SO WITH THIS ONE!

The author manages to make you feel like you’ve read more than you have, it feels complete.. but at the same time he leaves you wanting more from him.

I’m slightly biased since I enjoy Nick’s work but I honestly feel if you want to write a short story you should read his as a starter.. he’s not got in wrong yet for me.

This book consists of three tales, my favourite being “Four Eyes” although I liked them all. They were all well written to engage the reader and it’s amazing how the author can catch the imagination of someone like me within 30+ pages.. it’s not a lot of time to make the reader happy but I certainly was.

If you enjoy Nick’s books.. read this one, If you’ve never heard of Nick before…read this book. You’ll see just how good Nick’s short tales can be.

It’s a perfect quick read that delivers a science fiction nut like myself the enjoyment I’m after

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Blog Tour – Ascension (The Oasis Series #1)

Title – Ascension (The Oasis Series #1)
Author – Jeannie van Rompaey
Genre –  Science Fiction/ Dystopian Fiction
Length –  Pages
Publication – April 2016
My Rating – 3/5 Stars


Meet the MUTANT HUMANOIDS. They may look a little different from us, but inside they’re much the same as you and me. Left on a diseased Earth, they live in windowless compounds, safe from the contaminated wilderness outside. Safe, yes, but their lives are restricted. When the mutant humanoids discover that some complete human beings, COMPLETES, have also survived and are living greatly improved lives on satellites, they determine to rectify this imbalance and claim their share of Earth’s heritage. Three-headed RA rules the humanoids with ruthless precision, but others are involved in a power struggle to depose him. Who will succeed in being the next CEO of Planet Earth? Sixteen -year-old MERCURY plans to start a new life on Oasis. Will it prove the Utopia he expects it to be? ASCENSION, the first novel in Jeannie van Rompaey’s Oasis Series, explores with humour and compassion the way humans respond to change. The future worlds of Earth and Oasis mirror our contemporary society. The division between the haves and have-nots widens and the lust for power leads to corruption. But there are idealists determined to build a fairer, more egalitarian society.


This book follows the lives of the mutant humanoids on earth, who’ve been left behind after a plague has hit the world. It was very interesting idea from the author to say we humans bring on such a plague by how we treat the world we live in.

I found myself thinking throughout this book about the hidden messages within. The author not only touches on how we take our world for granted but also deals with issues such as racism. The author has done well to create a world so similar but so different to our own at the same time.

There are a lot of mythological references throughout the book which I really liked.

The story itself was very interesting, being told from different perspectives. I especially liked Mercury. About half the book relates to him and I enjoyed every bit. He was by far the most developed and the author clearly put some time into the character.

My 3 star rating is mainly due to the fact I was a little confused as to the target market for the book. Some scenes definitely felt more YA but then a few were most certainly adult themed.

The mutant humanoid army was probably the bit I liked the least, their characters being too fickle. I would have liked to see them struggle a bit under their leadership but they were one dimensional following orders blindly. This was the bit that felt very YA to me. Easy reading but it happened too fast.

To be honest this was an enjoyable but thought provoking read. I read it in 3 days thanks to the author’s style of writing, not over complicating things.

I think the author has set herself up nicely for the next book in the series, hinted at things to come. Enough has been given in my opinion to get you to pick up the next book when it’s released. I definitely see more conflict in the next instalment and I look forward to seeing how things play out.

Overall I enjoyed the story and underlying themes throughout give this book a little extra. It’s an interesting world the author has envisaged.. let’s see what happens next

My thanks go to the author and to Authoright for the opportunity to read/review this book and to be part of the blog tour. I appreciate it greatly

The book is available now. Head to Goodreads, or for more details

I was very lucky to be given a little insight to the author and how The Oasis series came about..Enjoy!


The Oasis Series, Book 1 Ascension and Book 2 Evolution – Jeannie van Rompaey

I live on the subtropical island of Gran Canaria with my husband, a historian and artist, and spend most of my time writing novels, short stories, plays and poems. I also paint and TJ and I exhibit our artwork together. My daughter, Anieka, lives in London and we make frequent trips to see her, visit art galleries, go to the theatre and attend literary events. What a wonderful life!

I was brought up in the village of Weston, Northamptonshire, in a thatched cottage with shop attached so that my mother could combine looking after me with earning a living. I hated it when the shop bell rang and she called out to me to answer it and serve the customers. It broke my concentration from the stories I was writing. I’ll certainly never be a shopkeeper but my passion for reading and writing has never faltered.

I tend to be an eternal student. My formal education culminated in receiving an MA in Modern Literature from the University of Leicester in 1996, but I won’t ever stop learning. My career has included teaching, lecturing and running drama and creative writing workshops. I am also a theatre director, actor and voice-over. As Jeannie Russell I am a senior member of the Guild of Drama Adjudicators and adjudicate at drama festivals in the UK and Europe. Next year I’m off to Frankfurt to adjudicate for FEATS – Festival of European Anglophone Theatrical Societies. I’m looking forward to that.

I have four published novels, quite a few short stories and my plays have been produced on the London Fringe.  Themes include the power of creativity, the complexity of relationships and speculations about the future of our planet.

I became interested in writing dystopia because of my concern about the environment and the use of science in contemporary society. I have read several novels about future worlds, including Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale, her trilogy, Oryx and Crake, the Year of The Flood and MaddAddam and Kazuo Ishiguru’s Never Let Me Go. They are both imaginative literary authors who have used their talents to write dystopian fiction. Reading their work inspired me to create my own future world.

Looking up at my painting of a three-headed man hanging over my desk, the character of three-headed Ra was born. He soon became the ruthless CEO of the mutant humanoids living in windowless compounds on a contaminated Earth.

As my novels are character-led, rather than plot-led, it wasn’t long before I was inventing more mutant humanoids to inhabit the claustrophobic worlds inside the compounds, characters who were turned out to be ambitious, determined and resilient.

I imagined another group of survivors, humans without mutations – completes. These lucky ones managed to escape the polluted Earth to live a privileged life on a manmade satellite called Oasis. Given a second chance they construct what they believe to be a perfect world, a utopia.

I could see that there would enough conflict between these two groups in their very different worlds to make a story. The mutant humanoids incarcerated in their compounds on Earth would surely envy or even resent the new life the completes were creating for themselves and want to share it.

That’s how The Oasis Series began. Ascension, Evolution and Renaissance.

I invite you to enter my world. Enjoy!

Website –

Rise of the River-Man: Mutter’s Story by L.S. O’Dea – Review


Title – Rise of the River-Man: Mutter’s Story (Conguise Chronicles #1)
Author – L.S. O’Dea
Genre – Young Adult/Fantasy/Science Fiction
Length –  126 Pages
Publication – Oct 2015
My Rating – 4/5 Stars


In a world where the Almightys rule with absolute power over the other classes, being an unwanted Guard is a death sentence.

A Guard’s life is never easy, but Mutter’s has been particularly hard. An orphan at five, he had to fight for his survival on the streets and then he fought in a ring for an Almighty. Until, he lost. His master didn’t give second chances, so Mutter sits in the Guards’ shelter awaiting execution. His only chance is to be adopted but no one wants a Guard like him: big, strong and ugly.

Then his luck changes when an Almighty arrives at the shelter and gives him a choice: kill or be killed. Mutter chooses to live.

Things are looking up until he’s taken to a laboratory and stuck in a cage but that’s not the worst part. He’s not alone in the lab. There are…things in the other cages. Things that don’t move or smell like anything he’s ever known.

Now, the Almightys are giving him some kind of serum and he feels good, but does he feel too good? Is he changing into something else? Something like the creatures in the other cages? Can he escape before it’s too late?


I was kindly gifted a copy of this book for review and I was presently surprised at the story considering the book is only 100+ pages.

The story was written well with a clear plot which developed at a fast pace. The characters were interesting; I particularly liked Mutter and Ableson. The interaction between these two was fascinating to read.

So the story is based in a time after a great death has hit the planet, lots of people died and those who survived now live under a new social structure.

The language used is perfect for young and old alike with enough detail to develop the characters nicely enough, especially Mutter.

I enjoyed the book, read it one day. It’s a perfect quick read but I have to admit I would have liked to have had more information on this “great death” and why only humans and large humans were affected and how these new social classes were then formed.

I’m not one for spoilers but the main reason for the 4* rating is because of the character Sweet… I’ll try not to give too much away but feel free to skip the next paragraph to avoid any spoilers.

Sweet for me was a great love interest for Mutter but I would have liked to see more development with her. When Mutter starts to change it would have made more sense to me that Sweet would struggle at first with this change.. then love would win out and she would love him no matter what he looked like.

Overall this was a nice book to read, perfect quick read. The book contains a scene which I would class as mild gruesomeness; this gave it some shock factor. The storyline developed quickly and since this appears to be a prequel to the authors Lake of Sins series I’m interested enough to add them to my TBR pile.

I’d definitely say this book is more suited to the younger reader but I’m 30 and I still enjoyed reading it.

To find out more head to, or Goodreads.

The Warlords of Antares (First Contact) by Brian K. Larson – Review


Title – The Warlords of Antares (First Contact)
Author – Brian K. Larson
Genre –  Fantasy/Science Fiction
Length –  298 Pages
Publication – 10th April 2015
My Rating – 4/5 Stars


Betelgeuse star went supernova 640 years ago. The explosion opened an unstable wormhole to Earth. It took all those years for the corridor to stabilized. The Warlord’s Emperor sent a scout to investigate the newly discovered life forms, and to bring back specimens for their arena games. Their Antarian blood lust must be quenched…and the Antarian Boreshog beast they must face, has never been defeated.

The benevolent Eridonians’ mission is to prepare the people of Earth for the coming onslaught. Join Navy Captain Jedediah Fitz and USMC Major Race Jennings on their quest to fight Earth’s newest enemy.

Prepare yourselves, the Warlords are coming.


I must admit combining genres like Science Fiction and Fantasy work well for me.

The story is pretty straight forward, good guys & bad guys with added aliens, wormholes, nukes and blood. Pretty good mix if you ask me.

So to start with we learn about two races of aliens the warlord Antarians and the Eridonians. The Eridonians don’t like what the warlords do and want to stop Earth from being invaded.

A wormhole the Eridonians have been monitoring is now stable enough for the warlords to traverse and it leads straight to Earth!

Now the Eridonians have been watching us for some time and now they show themselves to us and enlist the help of the Earths forces to defend the planet from invasion

Things never go to plan and our heroes end up traveling through the wormhole to rescue some crew members who’ve been taken hostage.

We learn a lot more about the alien races at this point and learn about the bloodlust of the Antarians and the games they hold in their arena.

I don’t want to give the whole plot away but there’s an interesting tale being told with the bloodlust and the challenges our heroes face.

I’m a fan of Brian’s work anyway. His books suit adults and young adults as well. I think this is mainly due to his writing style as all his books flow well with a decent chapter length and you don’t get bogged down in too much detail.

The author manages to give the main characters some depth throughout the story and you may find out you like someone you initially thought you wouldn’t.

Now if you want me to be picky I felt the jump sequence used to travel space was a bit long. You hear it used throughout the book so i would have probably shortened it but that’s just me.

I guess my only complaint about the book which really isn’t a complaint is that it left me wondering what happened next.. I felt the ending of the book was good but i wanted more. Am i being greedy??

Overall i really enjoyed the book and i hope you do as well. Do i think the book is worth the money? yes definitely. Keep em coming Brian and i’ll keep buying!